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What Time is the Friday EuroMillions Draw? & Other Important Facts about Europe’s #1 Lottery

15 Aug 2013

The EuroMillions Friday draw will occur this Friday at 21:00 (20:00 GMT) with a €70 million jackpot. What are the other “million dollar” questions on the menu for Europe’s leading lottery? Read on to get the answers!

Friday’s EuroMillions is just around the corner on the heels of six rollovers, leading the jackpot prize to more than quadruple Euromillions’ €15 million starting jackpot. Although a €70 million top prize is not the highest jackpot the EuroMillions has displayed this year nor nearly as high as the lottery’s unforgettable €190 million win last August, this Friday’s draw is shaping up to be one of the summer’s biggest lottery prizes yet!


When was EuroMillions last won?

The last big win for the EuroMillions lottery handed out €188 million on June 25th which was split between two lucky winners. The highest jackpot the lottery succeeded to reach following that win was on July 9th when the EuroMillions gave away a €33 million first prize. Due to the EuroMillions having been won five times in a matter of less than two months since that June 25th win, the lottery hasn’t had enough time to climb and build up a grand jackpot. This Friday’s €70 million has the potential of becoming either the summer’s highest prize or perhaps leading to a new EuroMillions record.


How is the EuroMillions played?

To participate in the EuroMillions biweekly Tuesday and Friday draws, players select 5/50 numbers and an additional 2 numbers, Lucky Stars, from a 1-11 number guess range. At the time of the draw all numbers are selected and in order to take home the 1st prize there must be a match of all seven numbers. Any of the other 12-prize categories can be won with a different combination match which can be viewed in the prize breakdown of the EuroMillions results page on theLotter. Players interested in becoming lottery experts can visit our online lottery information pages.


Can you play EuroMillions online?

Yes! It’s easier to play online and from the comfort of your home, rather than having to reach a sales booth. In addition, with theLotter players can play nearly any lottery and from anywhere in the world. There is no need to be an expert in the lottery world in order to play the lottery online! The forms are very user friendly and are formatted to fit the rules of the game you choose.


When do draws occur?

Many lottery fans ask What time is the EuroMillions draw on Friday so that they can make plans for Friday evening and still check the lottery draw results as they arrive. As always, the draws occur at 21:00 local time (20:00 GMT) however, theLotter urges its players to enjoy their weekends and not stay at home on the lookout for lottery results! By downloading theLotter’s iPhone and Android apps, players can be up-to-date at any time and from anywhere. Now that’s what we call playing it global!