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What Lottery Players Ought to Know About the EuroMillions €59 Million Jackpot

12 Aug 2013

Following five rollovers, EuroMillions has nearly quadrupled its starting jackpot for the upcoming €59 million draw! Here are a few interesting anecdotes lottery fans should keep in mind regarding recent EuroMillions draws – and what they can tell us about the EuroMillins draw this Tuesday.

EuroMillions is one of the world’s premier lotteries with an international reputation for delivering exciting rollovers, superdraws and record-breaking draws. This European lottery is held every Tuesday and Friday and has 12 prize categories on top of the first place jackpot win. With winning odds starting at 1:23 for a prize and a €15 million starting point, it’s no wonder the EuroMillions is one of the most famous global lotteries available today!

EuroMillions Recent Wins

The upcoming EuroMillions draw will take place this Tuesday and is the highest jackpot offered to players during the summery July-August months. The last big win the lottery saw was on June 25th in which two winning tickets split the €188 million top prize. If that jackpot had rolled over, it would have had the potential to reach the EuroMillion’s €190,000,000 cap – setting a new record after the Bayford’s win less than a year earlier in August 2012 and causing a pleasant trickle-down effect for secondary prize categories that would have benefitted from the excess cash.

Since the lottery’s most recent big win in late June, the jackpot was won five times – resulting in relatively low jackpots. The highest jackpot the lottery succeeded to reach following the €188 million win was a €33 million prize won on July 9th.

How would you react to a €15 million win?

A recent EuroMillions lottery winning couple from the June 28th draw found out about their €15 million jackpot win just minutes before taking off on their summer vacation! What would you do – take the winning jackpot ticket with you? Perhaps hand it to a close family member for safe-keeping? The French couple decided no one better to hang on to their loot than their dirty laundry! They hid their lucky lottery ticket between some sheets and clothes in the laundry bin, believing that a burglar would never have the idea of going through that. As it turns out, that was the perfect place to stash that fateful piece of paper that was found where they left it upon their return from vacation!

Looking for the next EuroMillions Winner – Literally!

Imagine being the owner of a winning lottery ticket worth £1 million, and not even knowing about it! This is exactly what happened to a EuroMillions UK winner in one of the biweekly millionaire raffles. A lucky Bolton, Greater Manchester resident won £1 million on the July 26th EuroMillions draw but apparently isn’t aware of this as the prize remains unclaimed. The National Lottery has decided to take matters into their own hands and will now be sending a “EuroMillions butler” in search of the “missing millionaire”, urging players to check their tickets. The butler, who goes by the name Tarquin Fotheringale, is equipped with the winning raffle code CBS004233 and said: “I am looking forward to meeting my new master — but it’s a bit tricky as they don’t know who they are yet.”


The next EuroMillions draw results will be posted following the Tuesday draw, scheduled to take place at 21:00 (20:00 GMT). theLotter urges its lottery players to continue following updates regarding each draw they participate in – you never know when it’s your turn to become the next theLotter MILLIONAIRE!