What are the Most Common Powerball Winning Numbers?

27 Aug 2013

The US Powerball is now the world’s largest lottery following five rollovers, climbing from its $40 million starting point to an almost three times larger $116 million jackpot offered for the nearing draw this Wednesday. The question which remains, as always, is “how can I become the next Powerball winner?” Perhaps a review of the most common Powerball numbers will help you out!

The US Powerball seems to cover most lottery headlines lately: breaking its all-time record parting with $590 million in May this year, creating a new 3 rd place record for the lottery at the beginning of August, finding that last draw’s mystery winner this week, searching for a secret millionaire leaving a $1 million win unclaimed and now – the Powerball most common winning numbers revealed!

It Pays to Play it Global

Online lottery is not only convenient but also extremely wise. Players can participate in most any lottery in the world from the convenience of their home, review online results as they occur, save lucky numbers to their accounts, receive up-to-date notifications regarding changes in lottery draw times and more! Powerball’s August 21st draw created a total of 548,864 winners from around the globe and B.A. from theLotter was one of them with a €29,791 (about $40,000) win! B.A. is from France and has been enjoying playing lottery games via theLotter for seven years. Click here to read more about B.A. and the advantages of playing the lottery online.

Powerball Saves the Best for Last

It seems to have become a Powerball trend for the lottery’s jackpot winners to come forward and collect their prizes worth millions after about two weeks. It began with Gloria Mackenzie back in May 2013 when she was the sole winner of the lottery’s May 18th highest jackpot in history worth $590 million! It took the 84-year-old woman more than two weeks to come forward on June 5th to claim her wealth. The Powerball habit continued this week as the final winner among the three tickets that struck gold with all the matching numbers from the August 7th $448.4 million Powerball jackpot finally came forward. Mario Scarnici, a New Jersey resident, arrived last Friday along with his two adult sons to pocket his win which he chose to take in the form of a lump sum cash option totalling $62 million after taxes.

Could it be that lottery big winners find it hard to believe the revelation of their wealth? Perhaps they need time to consult with family and close friends? Or maybe they just can’t seem to remember where the heck they placed that piece of paper guaranteeing their wealth?! The latter is most definitely not the case with theLotter players as wins are saved on the personal accounts with the See Your Ticket service including a scanned copy of the tickets!

Unclaimed $1 Million Prize

There is a list of things to get done which can easily get forgotten: buy milk on the way home, call your mother, check for mail, and pay the bills. However, do you think you would forget to claim a $1 million win if it belonged to you?! This happened to August 25th’s 2012 Powerball winner. The only info confirmed regarding the winner was that the ticket was bought in Westchester, New York with the winning combination: 1, 6, 7, 20, 49 and Powerball 23. Lottery officials report that unclaimed prizes are more common than you might think.

This most definitely also would not happen to an online theLotter player! The Customer Support department makes sure to contact all big win owners and in addition players can subscribe to the FREE alerts offered – email notifications and SMS winning alerts.

Powerball Most Common Numbers

The last time the US Powerball was won was on August 7th and it created a new 3rd place record as it parted with $448.4 million. The winning numbers were: 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and Powerball 32. Six rollovers after, this American lottery is now offering its players a chance to pocket the $116 million jackpot this Wednesday. There are different ways to choose your lottery numbers – you can do so according to birthdays, anniversary dates, lucky numbers, etc. or you can let fate step in and choose the quick-pick option which randomly selects the numbers for you.

Here is a bit of useful insight regarding the top ten Powerball most common numbers drawn throughout the lottery’s history, the amount of times the number was chosen and the last time this number appeared among the lucky winning numbers!

Rank Number Frequency Last Drawn
1 26 248 08/06/2013
2 41 238 22/05/2013
3 22 237 17/07/2013
4 35 236 13/07/2013
5 42 233 21/08/2013
6 16 233 12/06/2013
7 20 231 27/02/2013
8 36 228 03/08/2013
9 15 227 16/02/2013
10 45 226 24/08/2013

The next Powerball draw is coming up this Wednesday! Players interested in purchasing online tickets for the world’s biggest lottery have more than enough time to do so and will also receive a limited time 25% discount on the Powerball's Power Play – multiplying non-jackpot wins by 2-4 times! This discount also applies to Mega Millions and Oregon Megabucks players! The American Mega Millions lottery is on the rise in the #2 place on theBig, hot on Powerball’s heels, offering a $69 million jackpot for tonight’s draw.

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