Watch the EuroMillions Draw Results Tonight!

8 Jun 2012

All eyes are focused on the EuroMillions draw results tonight where millions of lottery winner ho pefuls will vie for their chance at the second-largest EuroMillions jackpot ever, a prize of €156 million. If one or more lottery tickets match the five main numbers and two Lucky Star additional numbers, the winner will collect the massive jackpot which has rolled over eleven times since the last jackpot win. If no winner is called, players who match smaller combinations of the winning numbers will win one of 12 secondary prize categories, and the jackpot may continue to grow – inching closer and closer to its €190 million cap.

With increased ticket sales and widespread popularity, it is estimated that there will be a record number of lottery tickets sold for tonight’s draw. With 13 prize divisions, EuroMillions offers one of the most extensive lists of secondary prize categories in the lottery world. Additionally, one in 13 EuroMillions tickets holds a winning combination that earns them a prize.

With more than 3.35 million EuroMillions secondary prize recipients in Tuesday night’s €134 million draw, the number of lottery winners that will be made tonight is sure to enter the history books!

Every Friday night is Europe is exciting, with both the EuroMillions and EuroJackpot Lottery results aired on live television and millions of prizes handed out across the continent and around the world. Take advantages of the last hours to enter to win tonight’s highly-anticipated draw from anywhere on the globe to become the next EuroMillionaire!