US Powerball: Paul White, Ocean’s 16 and Mystery $149 Million Winner

11 Aug 2013

Wednesday’s enormous $448.4 million US Powerball jackpot was split across three winning tickets. According to the latest count, at least 18 people have become multi-millionaires, largely thanks to a New Jersey office syndicate.

One more rollover and the recent $448.4 million US Powerball draw had the potential to break the world record and potentially hit a $1 billion jackpot for the first time in the lotto world. Three tickets stood in the way of this happening (by matching the all-important US Powerball numbers 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and PB 32) and the identities of their owners are slowly becoming known.

Who’s right now?

The first news of the multi-millionaire American Powerball winners arrived promptly on Thursday, as Minnesota Dad Paul White came forward to claim his $149 million prize. White, a 45-year old electrical contractor from Ham Lake, MN., was clearly elated and was happy to share his experience with the press, accompanied by family and friends.

“Actually, we just got together not so long ago for my dad’s 80th birthday. We were playing this game … you had to pick who in the crowd would match this description and the description was ‘their financial plan consists of playing the lottery’. Well everybody picked my name, and they thought it was funny then… [crowd laughs]… Who’s right now?”

In good spirits and continuing with the comedy, White introduces his work-friends Nancy and Ron from Elliott Contracting:

“Ron this morning was my boss, he started the day my boss, he’s going to end the day my chauffeur.”

White followed up with plans to treat himself, his son and his dad to new cars, including the Chevy Impala the now 80-year old owned half a century ago. Finally, White is set to share his new found wealth where he sees fit, and will provide funds for charities his San Francisco-based sister is eager to recommend.

Ocean’s 11, 12, 13, 16

All sixteen Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance US Powerball winners turned up to work in New Jersey on Thursday, knowing they were each multi-millionaires. Each won approximately $9 million of the full jackpot, and will take home prizes worth $5.4 million having jointly decided to take the lump sum option.

Wednesday night’s $448.4 million US Powerball jackpot secured a third top five lottery jackpot as the US lotto currently holds spots 2, 3 and 4, with fellow American lottery Mega Millions on top and at number 5.

Top 5 World Lottery Jackpots:

World Rank Lottery Date of Draw Jackpot


Mega Millions


$656 million


US Powerball


$590.5 million


US Powerball


$588 million


US Powerball


$448.4 million


Mega Millions


$390 million

The NJ Powerball lottery syndicate is already going by ‘Ocean’s 16’ as a play on the Hollywood blockbusters Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13 made famous by George Clooney among other stars.

Closer to home, Acme Markets, in Little Egg Harbor, where the group bought the life-changing Powerball ticket, will donate gift cards worth $10,000 to Superstorm Sandy relief efforts and other local charities from the money the US Powerball awards lottery retailers for jackpot tickets they sell.



Super Stop & Win!

Attention has now turned to the third winning ticket, and the South Brunswick, New Jersey Super Stop & Shop store that sold it. Worth $149 million as an annuity prize, or $86 million in one lump sum, it is not surprising that the identity of the mystery winner, or winners, is attracting interest.

Howard Witzgall, the store’s manager, said that they had seen a $1 million ticket and a $16 million jackpot winner in the last year. This time they baked a special cake to congratulate the unknown multi-millionaire, which read ‘Congratulations Powerball Winner, 5, 25, 30, 58, 59, 32’. The Super Stop & Shop will also make a significant donation to ongoing relief and recovery efforts necessary after Superstorm Sandy hit across the state of New Jersey in October 2012.

Saturday’s US Powerball rolled over to start a new run and players can buy US Powerball tickets online for a $50 million draw this Wednesday here.