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US Powerball Making Waves on Social Media

26 Nov 2012

As the US Powerball jackpot has risen to an unprecedented record-breaking sum of $425 million, the social media buzz surrounding the mega jackpot appears to be following the upward trend. The Powerball lotto has long been jealous of its bigger cousin, Mega Millions, for having the world’s biggest jackpot to date worth $656 million.

People from all over the world are discussing what they would do with the American lottery jackpot and their best strategies for picking numbers on Twitter channels with origins all over the world. One American players expresses his interest in the massive $425 million lottery jackpot this way: “On a Another note the #PowerBall is Currently at 425 Million Dollars O_O I need to go buy Many Many Many Tickets :D.”.

But interest isn´t confined to the USA lottery community. Tweets are coming in from as far places as Germany and Honduras, all excited by the record breaking US jackpot. Lotto fans from around the world interested in playing can buy their US Powerball tickets online at theLotter, and avoid standing in line as the pressure on sales points increase.

The possibility of winning almost half a BILLION dollars has caused a notable surge in ticket sales, and retailers are preparing for the Tuesday and Wednesday which are expected to be the busiest days. As a result of wide-spread interest, the jackpot may very well be even larger than the declared $425 million, says Iowa lottery spokesperson Mary Neubauer.

Powerball has gone two weeks with no jackpot winner and has rolled over 14 times to reach the highest sum in the history of the lottery. The big American jackpot is enticing new players to try their luck as in the case of the Twitter user who writes “I might for once actually play the lottery!! #powerball”

In fact this big US jackpot is equivalent to 6.8 tons of gold, enough to gild the entire Washington monument with gold left to spare! While not everyone can win the massive jackpot, second prize winners will still be rewarded with $1 million dollars, or if they are smart and buy the Power Play Multiplier which multiplies secondary prizes by 2, 3 or 4 times, they can walk home with a $2 million second prize!

The last draw didn't see any player match the jackpot winning numbers 22, 32, 37, 44, 50 and Powerball 34, yet over two million tickets had winning number combinations! In total, the lottery distributed $25 million worth of prizes to lucky players.