US Powerball $579.9 million Jackpot Split by Two Winning Tickets

29 Nov 2012

Two lottery tickets matched all six winning numbers in the $579.9 million US Powerball Lottery jackpot draw last night. The winning tickets, purchased in Arizona and Missouri, were printed with the numbers 5, 23, 16, 22, 29 and Powerball 6 and they will each take home $289.95 million before taxes.

Powerball officials speculated that with millions of people running to enter their lucky numbers to win the US Powerball jackpot record jackpot, there was a 75% chance that at least one ticket would hold the first prize combination in last night’s draw.

In total, 68 US Powerball lottery tickets were awarded prizes over $1 million in the November 28th draw. 58 tickets were awarded the $1 million second prize for matching the five main numbers and eight tickets won a $2 million second prize because they had opted to purchase the Power Play prize multiplier. 8,929,123 lottery players won awards from the US Powerball’s nine prize divisions in this historic jackpot draw. Check US Powerball Lottery results here.

In the hours leading up to the 2012/95 US Powerball jackpot draw, ticket sales were as high as 131,000 tickets per minute, or 7.8 million per hour. In the midst of a Powerball ticket craze, lottery retailers reported unexpected behaviors from superstitious customers. In Methuen, Massachusetts, one lottery fan brought an entire bag of fortune cookies into Ted’s Stateline Mobil. Once at the counter, he opened every fortune cookie in the bag and purchased tickets with all of the lucky numbers inscribed on the lucky slips!

As millions of lottery fans rushed to purchase their tickets to the largest US Powerball jackpot of all time, the jackpot continued to grow. After the lottery’s 15th rollover on Saturday night, the estimated jackpot value was set at $425 million. On Tuesday afternoon, Powerball officials announced a $75 million jackpot jump, bringing the total to $500. Just hours before the draw, the jackpot increased again, this time to $550 million! After a final tally, the official jackpot for the 2012/95 US Powerball draw was $579.9, almost $155 million more than anticipated last Saturday.

The Powerball jackpot has returned to its starting value of $40 million for Saturday’s 2012/96 draw. The US Powerball Lottery has created jackpots as high as $320 million, $325 million, and now $580 million in 2012 alone. There is still time for US Powerball Lottery to close 2012 with a bang!