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Ukrainian wins La Primitiva Prize & Russian wins in the New York Lotto

25 Aug 2015

At theLotter we welcome online lottery players from all over the world and we love to share their success stories.

Today we want to share with you a tale of two exciting wins... Ukrainian Valeryi M. won $3,268.54 in the La Primitiva draw online last weekend and Alexandr N. from Russia scooped up $2,850 after he played the New York Lotto online through theLotter.

Ukrainian Engineer Wins Lotto Prize in Spanish La Primitiva

Ukrainian Winner La Primitiva

Valeryi M. from Ukraine won $3,268.54 in the La Primitiva draw last weekend. The Ukrainian engineer plays lotteries once or twice each month. Besides loving everything related to lotteries online, he is also an avid online poker player with many successes to his name.

We were able to get a hold of Valeryi yesterday and he was kind enough to tell us a bit about himself!

How long have you been playing lotteries?

Well, all my life! I have been playing online lotteries through theLotter for slightly over 1 year.

What brought you to theLotter?

I noticed my friends were playing on your site and so I tried, too. I found it interesting and continued to play. I mainly focus on La Primitiva and the US Powerball. I’ve won prizes before, but this is the biggest prize so far!

What is your strategy?

I always rely on my intuition, but I also believe in horoscopes. Besides, I use dates which are important to me and frequently resort to numerology. In the future I will be trying Syndicates and Bundles!

Do you have any tips for online lottery players?

Don’t wait! Keep trying, play and you will surely win!

What do you intend to do with your winnings?

I haven’t decided yet – Once the money’s in my hands I’ll make up my mind. Maybe will spend it on a vacation. Is it nice on Malta? Maybe I will go there (...laughs)

Russian Barber Wins New York Lotto Prize

Play New York Lotto Online

One of our beloved Russian players Alexandr N. scooped up $2,850 in the New York state lottery.

Alexandr is a hairdresser and barber from Russia’s capital. This Muscovite has been playing lotteries online after finding theLotter two years ago and he swears by subscriptions.

The over-joyed Russian used his win to go on a lovely holiday trip to beautiful Bulgaria where he has friends!

“If I will win again, I will spend it on another vacation; it was great!” he said.

We wish both Alexandr and Valeryi lots of luck in the future!

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