UK Millionaire Raffle Becomes UK Millionaire Maker |

UK Millionaire Raffle Becomes UK Millionaire Maker With More Ways To Win!

29 Oct 2014

EuroMillions UK is all about creating millionaires, which is why this popular lottery offers a side-raffle for another way to win millions! As of October 31st 2014, UK Millionaire Raffle will be reborn under a brand-new name – UK Millionaire Maker! Yes, a rose by any other name does smell as sweet, but in this case, it will smell even sweeter! Not only is the new name perfect for this raffle that makes millionaires, but UK Millionaire Maker has even more prizes in store for EuroMillions UK lottery players.

UK Millionaire Raffle Becomes UK Millionaire Maker

UK Millionaire Maker Has Arrived!

UK Millionaire Raffle has been around since 2009 and players that purchase EuroMillions UK tickets have always been automatically entered into these special raffle draws. In March 2014, a proposal from the EuroMillions operator in the UK was made to the National Lottery Commission to change the name of UK Millionaire Raffle to UK Millionaire Maker and to add in extra non-cash prizes. Luckily, this application was accepted and it is finally coming into effect this week!

The new name and extra benefits are being launched this Friday, October 31st, but you will be happy to know that you do not need to learn any new rules of the game. The name may be changing but the raffle will work in much the same way, just with some extra goodies for all you lucky players!

As always, one lucky EuroMillions UK player will win £1 million from the UK Millionaire Maker every Tuesday and Friday, coinciding with each lottery draw. In case you are not familiar with how the raffle works, you will find your unique raffle ticket code on your EuroMillions UK ticket. This code is made up of 3 letters and 6 numbers and is generated automatically when you buy your lottery ticket. This code is entered automatically into the UK Millionaire Maker draw.

On the night of the EuroMillions UK draw, one code is randomly selected from the raffle pool. One player will win a guaranteed £1 million at each draw, over and above the usual EuroMillions prizes. If your numbers exactly match the code drawn, you will win £1 million and instantly be made a millionaire!

What Makes UK Millionaire Maker Special

Over and above the guaranteed bi-weekly £1 million that is rewarded to a raffle winner, UK Millionaire Maker has some extra treats in store for all the EuroMillions UK players out there.

The last Friday of every month will now be known as Mega Friday, and each Mega Friday will have its own special promotion running. We will update you before each Mega Friday to let you know what that special promotion will be.

This Friday, October 31st will be the first Mega Friday, and 25 lucky ticket-holders will each win £1 million! Not only that, but these winners will also be awarded an all-inclusive trip to Makepeace Island, a luxury island off Australia’s Sunshine Coast. If you buy lottery tickets online through theLotter, you will get cash in lieu of the trip, so that you can decide exactly how you want to spend your winnings!

Play EuroMillions and UK Millionaire Maker at theLotter!

You can buy lottery tickets for EuroMillions UK right here through theLotter. You do not even need to buy a separate raffle ticket to participate in UK Millionaire Maker. When you receive your scanned lottery ticket in your online account, you will notice that your raffle code is automatically on your ticket. We will notify you if you are either a EuroMillions or UK Millionaire Maker winner (or maybe even both!) and will hand over your winnings! Buy your EuroMillions UK tickets for this Friday’s draw and participate in the very first UK Millionaire Maker and Mega Friday draw ever!