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Top Football Player Wins Prize in UK National Lottery

15 Jan 2013

Britain’s national lottery and football leagues are both high profile institutions and important sources of national pride in the UK. Recently, the lottery and sports worlds crossed paths when it was revealed that a top football player won the 5 + 1 prize in the UK National Lotto to take home more than £100,000!

Christmas came early for a Premier League footballer who correctly matched five out of six main numbers and the bonus ball in the UK National Lottery’s December 22nd draw to claim the lotto’s second prize worth £125,942. The anonymous player was joined by nine other lottery winners who also received cheques for the attractive six-digit sum.

Check results for the December 22nd 2012/1780 UK National Lottery draw here.     

The footballer claimed the prize early this week but preferred to stay out of the limelight where the public and press were hoping for a reveal.

An official National Lottery spokeswoman explained that, "Unless a winner chooses to take publicity, then no details are released."

"We are therefore unable to confirm or deny any winner rumours.”

Lottery and sports fans alike are trying to determine the identity of Fortune’s favourite who is enjoying national sports superstardom on top of newfound cash influx from the country’s lottery. Locker rooms are abuzz with speculation, but no names have been suggested.

The UK National Lottery is entering 2013 with a successful year under its belt. The lottery filled headlines with its well-publicised contributions to last summer’s Olympic Games and the creation of 50 millionaires in two sensational end-of-the-year super draws in EuroMillions UK.

The UK National Lotto Wednesday draw stands at £2,200,000.