Tonight’s Mega Millions Draw: What You Need to Know about This American Lottery

19 Nov 2013

With Mega Millions scheduled to hold the biggest jackpot draw in the world this Tuesday, now is the perfect time to answer some of lottery fans most common questions regarding America’s leading lotto game and the $165,000,000 jackpot prize up for grabs tonight !

Mega Millions: A New Fall Look

The new Mega Millions format came into effect on the 22nd of October , designed to bring both bigger jackpots and more wins to the lottery-loving community.

Mega Millions set out to meet these lofty goals by growing the guess range from 1-56 to 1-75, creating more opportunities for jackpots to soar. While the main number selection expanded, the additional number’s guess range was reduced and is now pulled from 1-15 instead of 1-46 so that players enjoy a 1 in 15 chance of winning a prize (previously 1 in 40).

The Megaplier multiply option evolved from a x2-x4 multiplier to a more powerful x2-x5 multiplier, further increasing the amount of cash prizes claimed by millions of Mega Millions fans in every draw.

To catch up to Powerball’s $1 million math-five prize, Mega Millions upped the lottery’s $250,000 2nd prize to a fixed $1,000,000 as well so that second place winners can also become millionaires—and even multi-millionaires with the selection of the right Megaplier!

Collecting Your Mega Millions Prize

Players who win large Mega Millions prizes through theLotter are contacted by our customer service team to coordinate the win collection. We are happy to cover our lucky winners’ travel expenses, flying you to our local offices free of charge. Upon reaching the local office, you will receive your ticket from our local office manager in the presence of representatives of theLotter’s legal team. From there, we will assist you to collect the prize from the official lottery organization.

theLotter is proud to have produced three 2nd prize Mega Millions lottery winners so far, coming from Spain (March 2012), Switzerland (2011) and New York (2009), each taking home a quarter of a million dollars, proving yet again that you should not let geography stand in your way of winning the lottery of your choice!

Non-US Mega Millions Winners

US federal law places a flat 30% tax on wins over $600 paid out to non-US citizens, and winners will likely be required to pay local taxes as well, in accordance with their state or country tax laws. As these laws differ, we strongly advise consulting a local tax attorney when you win big in Mega Millions or any other American lottery!

The Mega Millions Policy on Remaining Anonymous

In most states, the Mega Millions lottery winner information is public domain, meaning that normally information regarding the name, city, country, date and win amount will be made available to the general public. If you would like to maintain your anonymity, contacting a good lawyer and an accountant could go a long way towards ensuring your privacy.

But all that is still to come! First, enter this Tuesday’s draw to make sure you get your share of the hundreds of millions in prize which could be won tonight!

With only a few hours left before Tuesday’s draw, don’t miss out on an exceptional $165,000,000 jackpot! Get your ticket here.