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theLotter’s $40,000 US Powerball Winner Plays it Smart

06 Nov 2012

theLotter’s recent $40,000 US Powerball Lottery winner opens up about his life-changing win.

On October 17th, M.S., from the U.S., purchased his first lottery ticket at theLotter, a US Powerball Lotto subscription with the Power Play prize multiplier. As a first-time player, M.S. benefited from theLotter’s Buy One Get One Free welcome bonus and his account was automatically credited with bonus money equalling the amount of his first purchase. However, M.S. received a much larger proverbial welcome bonus the next day when five of the lottery numbers on his very first lottery ticket matched the US Powerball lottery results, entitling him to a $40,000 prize.

In an interview with a representative from theLotter, M.S. admitted that, at first, he was a bit sceptical of his extreme beginner’s luck. M.S. purchased a subscription package, which ensures that his lucky numbers are entered into each US Powerball Lottery draw and entitles him to every 10th ticket free. However, M.S. won $40,000 even before he reached his second ticket! When asked who he called first, M.S. responded, “The first person I contacted was my girlfriend. She won €2.5 and well, I won a little more.”

While some lottery winners celebrate by splurging on luxury goods, M.S. seemed extremely level-headed when mapping out his financial plans for his life-changing win. He stated, “First I am going to pay off my university loans. And then, take my first step to economic autonomy.”

This smart answer is to be expected from M.S., who not only maximized his value with a subscription, but also multiplied his prize by four times its original value by purchasing the Power Play add-on. M.S. matched four of the main numbers plus the additional number in the 2012/83 US Powerball Lottery results, entitling him to the $10,000 third prize. However, because this savvy lotto player purchased the prize multiplier, his prize increased to $40,000!

According to psychologist Richard Wiseman, author of The Luck Factor, lucky people, those who always seem to be at the right place at the right time, possess the wisdom to recognize a potential opportunity and act on it. M.S. heard about theLotter through friends and with the US Powerball jackpot on the rise, he figured it was the perfect time to take advantage of the opportunity. His immediate lottery win was, by definition, serendipitous.

When asked if he had any advice for fellow lottery players, M.S. responded, “Just try it!” Through a series of studies, Wiseman discovered that no one person is inherently luckier than another. Those who seem lucky are simply quicker to recognize and seize opportunities.

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