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theLotter’s $250 K Mega Millions Winner Collects Big Prize

7 Apr 2012

theLotter’s latest $250,000 2nd place Mega Millions  winner picked up his big win in New York this week. With the thrill of the Mega Millions historical jackpot creating excitement for lotto fans word wide, BG, a VIP diamond player, journeyed from his native Spain to the Big Apple to meet theLotter’s representative and claim his win as the lucky lottery continued to generate headlines in the US and abroad.

B.G. met theLotter’s representative and Local Branch Operator, received the winning ticket following thorough identity verification, and was handed the ticket in the presence of a legal team to proceed to the official Mega Millions office to collect the prize.

The young Spanish winner took home the coveted Mega Millions second place prize by successfully matching 5 numbers during draw 2012/23. BG had wisely used a Multi-Draw package to ensure he didn’t miss a single one of the Mega Millions' exciting draws and reaped the rewards while enjoying a 20% discount on all his purchases!

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