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theLotter Player Quadruples 2nd Prize in Oregon Megabucks with Kicker

4 Feb 2013

An Australian player at theLotter scoops the 2nd prize in one of the top American lotteries available online today using a multiplier feature which catapulted his prize to four times its normal value!

K.W.’s taste in lotteries extends far beyond his native Australia. The player from Down Under is fond of trying his luck all over, enjoying EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto, and the recently highly-ranked New Zealand Powerball Lotto with an NZ $16 million jackpot . To switch it up, K.W. occasionally enters the Oregon-Megabucks lottery featuring a multiplier known as the Kicker that boosts secondary prizes by four times when selected at the time of purchase.

In draw 212/3362, K.W. opted to participate in the Oregon draw with the Kicker and correctly matched five out of six numbers, just one number short of taking the jackpot! The Kicker sent K.W.’s five correct guesses skyrocketing from a $694.60 prize to a total of $2,778.40 in lottery wins!

K.W. joined theLotter in 2009 and is the happy recipient of more than 154 wins since he started to play it global online. Oregon Megabucks is known for regularly distributing prizes as a featured lottery on theSmart that brings players the best cost-benefit ratio. One in every 53 players wins a prize in the Oregon lottery, earning the American lotto a top spot on theSmart lottery category where the American lotto currently holds #2 position with a jackpot worth $10.2 million for the upcoming draw.

We wish K.W. and all our players the best of luck when playing their favourite lotteries around the globe at theLotter! To read more about theLotter’s big winners, please visit our winners page.