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The Ultimate Guide to EuroJackpot!

21 Aug 2014

In honor of the EuroJackpot changing its game up this upcoming October, our team came together to give you the ultimate guide to EuroJackpot! How did the EuroJackpot come to be? Why is the EuroJackpot better than the EuroMillions? Which countries are the absolute best at winning the EuroJackpot? All this and much more, in the Ultimate Guide to EuroJackpot!

theLotter's Ultimate Guide to EuroJackpot!

What is Eurojackpot?

Let’s start with some of the facts: EuroJackpot is a pan-European lottery that was launched in March 2012. The participating countries in the lottery at present are Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. The EuroJackpot starts at €10 million and has a cap of €90 million. In order to win, lottery players choose five winning numbers from a guess range of 1-50, as well as two additional numbers known as the Euro Numbers from a 1-8 range.

But what is it that makes this lottery so exciting? What is it about EuroJackpot that has more and more countries flocking to it and people from all around the world wanting to participate?

There are many things that contribute to making the EuroJackpot the success that it is today, and we will get to them soon. For now, the main reason is simply and purely this – the EuroJackpot is designed to let players win much more often compared to other big lotteries!

EuroJackpot October 2015 Changes

Two very exciting happened in to EuroJackpot in October!

Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia joined, boosting the number of participating countries up to 17, making the EuroJackpot the biggest pan-European lottery!

Alongside a fresh influx of enthusiastic lottery players, EuroJackpot also changed the Euro Numbers. Rather than choosing the two additional numbers from a guess range of 1-8, the range increased to 1-10. Although the change was not overly dramatic, it did make the winning odds a tiny bit smaller. To compensate, EuroJackpot increased the first and second prize divisions, so players can now win even bigger prizes!

A Bit of EuroJackpot History

Initially proposed in 2006 to compete with the only other pan-European lottery that counts, the EuroMillions (sorry Viking Loto, you’re out of the race), EuroJackpot managed to garner the support of Germany, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy, the Netherlands, and Estonia and was officially launched in 2011. The first draw was held on March 23rd, 2012. Spain joined the lottery on June 30th, 2012, when the ticket concession was granted to the National Organization of Spanish blind people (ONCE). Croatia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden all became part of the EuroJackpot on February 1st, 2013. At present, the potential offline players in all participating countries reaches 245.6 million. theLotter erases the physical borders, and lets people around the world participate in the EuroJackpot, wherever they are from!

EuroJackpot vs. EuroMillions

The closest lottery to EuroJackpot is the EuroMillions, Europe’s most popular lotto and the market leader in terms of lottery ticket sales. So how does EuroJackpot stack up when the two are compared side by side? Let’s have a look:





# of Participating Countries


5/50 + 2/8


5/50 + 2/11

Friday, 19:00GMT

Draw Time

Tuesday & Friday, 21:00CET

€10 million

Starting Jackpot

€15 million

€90 million

Jackpot Cap

€190 million

Euro Numbers

Additional Ball Names

Lucky Stars


Prize Tiers



Winning Odds


How is EuroJackpot lotto similar to EuroMillions lottery?

  • Both lotteries follow a similar format, with players trying to guess the five main numbers from a guess range of 1-50 and two more additional numbers
  • The EuroJackpot and EuroMillions both draw on Friday evening
  • Spain is the only country which takes part in both EuroMillions and EuroJackpot lotteries

How is the EuroJackpot lottery different from EuroMillions lotto?

  • The EuroMillions jackpot cap is €190 million while the EuroJackpot tops at €90 million
  • The starting jackpot for EuroMillions is €15 million, and €10 million for EuroJackpot
  • Your chances of winning the EuroJackpot jackpot are about 1 in 59,000,000, while your chances of winning EuroMillions are a miniscule 1 in 116,531,800. This means that your chances of winning the EuroJackpot top prize are almost double that of EuroMillions!
  • There are 13 tiers of prizes for EuroMillions and 12 tiers for EuroJackpot. However, your overall winning chances for either the jackpot or any of the secondary EuroJackpot prizes are significantly higher than winning them through EuroMillions!
  • EuroMillions draws take place twice per week (Tuesday and Friday), while EuroJackpot only once (Friday). However, this may change in the near future, as the EuroJackpot attracts more players, there are persistent rumors and speculation that a second draw will be added soon

The Euro-Lotto Verdict

It's not hard to see that EuroJackpot and EuroMillions both have their own pros and cons, depending on what you are looking for in a lottery. If you are after the biggest jackpots with the draws happening twice a week or want to buy tickets offline then EuroMillions is likely the more appealing choice. However, if you are looking for the best odds of actually winning a prize and enjoy the convenience of playing online, then EuroJackpot is the better option. And do keep in mind – EuroJackpot is quickly rising, and it won’t be long before we see these two monster-sized lotteries battle head to head for the position of leading European lottery!

Biggest EuroJackpot Wins in Participating Countries

Biggest EuroJackpot Win in Croatia

The biggest EuroJackpot win in Croatia happened on January 10th, 2014. An anonymous woman from Zagreb purchased wanted a few lines for a local lottery, but ended up buying EuroJackpot tickets online with random numbers instead, two minutes before the draw closed. The news headlines on the following day read that the EuroJackpot, worth over €17 million, had been won in Croatia. The woman saw the numbers 8, 18, 22, 33, and 40, as well as the Euro Numbers 2 and 8, and recognized three of them, thinking she’d snagged one of the secondary prizes. But when she checked her results online, she realized she had won the jackpot!

Biggest EuroJackpot Win in Czech Republic

The biggest Czech Republic win is the most important one in the history of EuroJackpot, because it was the win that broke all previous EuroJackpot records! Friday, May 15th, was the day a single player won! The lucky player became an overnight millionaire, and you can read more about the huge event right here!

Biggest EuroJackpot Win in Denmark

Denmark saw its biggest EuroJackpot win on October 26th, 2012. One anonymous and very lucky winner correctly guessed the numbers 7, 17, 18, 19, and 22, and the Euro Numbers 4 and 5, and that won him over €21 million!

Biggest EuroJackpot Win in Finland

The biggest EuroJackpot win in Finland is also the biggest EuroJackpot win in history! Many Europeans and EuroJackpot fans around the world gave it their all for the draw on April 4th, 2014, a draw that saw the biggest jackpot to date for this young lottery. But the win had gone to a group of ten Finnish friends purchased a Eurojackpot lottery ticket and selected the numbers 10, 16, 28, 30, and 33, and the Euro Numbers 4 and 6, winning them over €57 million!

Biggest EuroJackpot Win in Germany

The second biggest jackpot won to date in the EuroJackpot, was also that lottery’s biggest prize won in Germany. A German player purchased lottery tickets for the April 12th draw, and chose the numbers 8, 19, 22, 32, and 40, and the Euro Numbers 1 and 8., winning the huge €46 million jackpot! The lucky winner has chosen to remain anonymous.

Biggest EuroJackpot Win in Italy

2013 was a good year for Italian EuroJackpot lottery fans. Among the many secondary wins claimed in the boot shaped country, one stood out – a jackpot win! An anonymous lottery player from Italy managed to win the August 16th 2013 draw and claim the €15 million jackpot by correctly guessing the numbers 5, 32, 33, 38, and 49 as well as the Euro Numbers 3 and 8!

Biggest EuroJackpot Win in Norway

This jackpot may be modest compared to some of the others we have seen on this list, but a €13 million win is still an amazing jackpot and a welcome addition to your bank account indeed. Norway’s biggest EuroJackpot win happened on May 3rd, 2013. The numbers 14, 16, 28, 44, and 48, and the Euro Numbers 3 and 7, were correctly guessed by a Norwegian lottery player.

Biggest EuroJackpot Win in Slovenia

Slovenia is perhaps the only country in the top 10 record EuroJackpot wins that is not situated in Western or Northern Europe. This Central European country made its way into the top ten this year, when a Slovenian lottery player managed to win the €28 million jackpot on May 16th, 2014. The numbers that granted the country the #5 all-time EuroJackpot win were 9, 28, 36, 42, and 32, and the Euro Numbers 2 and 8.

EuroJackpot in Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden

While the remaining countries in the EuroJackpot – Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden – did have the occasional relatively small jackpot win alongside endless secondary wins, they are all still working hard to get their names up in the big jackpots list. Statistical probability is on their side, and doubtlessly, it is only a matter of time before a lottery player in one of them turns out to be a huge jackpot winner!

Top 10 EuroJackpot Wins of All Times

Rank Date Jackpot Country


May 15th, 2015


Czech Republic


April 4th, 2014




April 12th, 2013




July 19th, 2013




January 25th, 2013




May 16th, 2014




August 10th, 2012




October 26th, 2012




September 27th, 2013




December 6th, 2013




EuroJackpot may be the newest pan-European lottery on the block, but it has some huge plans. Not only will it be the lottery with the biggest number of participating countries starting this upcoming October, but it looks like EuroJackpot is also planning on becoming the biggest European lottery overall. This is the perfect time to buy your lottery tickets online  and become part of the EuroJackpot history! 

Written by Jeff Washburn

Jeff is a self-proclaimed news junkie. He studied political science at Saint Culonbam College and now resides in London with his family. Jeff loves following all of the news in the lottery world – from big winners to changes in draw structures and new lotteries.

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