The $50 Million Canadian Lotto Secret

The $50 million Canadian Lotto Secret

23 Jul 2014


If you had just won a $50 million Lotto MAX jackpot, how long would you be able to keep it a secret? A Canadian couple held off for the better part of a year!

Andrea and Bill Groner of Edmonton, Alberta finally came forward yesterday to claim their win after purchasing the winning Lotto MAX ticket in December of last year. Why the wait? As Andrea stated, they wanted to get their ducks in a row and map out their financial future before stepping up to cash in on the prize The Groners only shared the information with a privileged few, who kept their secret until the couple was ready to come forward.

Bill is a recently-retired heavy equipment operator, and Andrea is still working at a local electrical firm, but has plans to retire in December. After winning the jackpot, both kept on working as usual. But now that the Groners are multi-millionaires, their first big expense will be a long-overdue honeymoon.

Back in December, Andrea checked her ticket two days after the draw, having to enlist the help of a store clerk to read the winning numbers, as she had forgotten her glasses at home. When the clerk informed her of the amount, an astounded Andrea swore him to secrecy. Andrea and Bill are now relieved to be able to enjoy retirement with financial security and finally exhale now that the secret’s out.

This is the biggest win for a ticket sold in Edmonton, and the second biggest for Alberta. The winning numbers were 2, 13, 18, 24, 27, 37 and 43. Join in on the fun by playing Canada’s 649 lotto, or better yet - play the American lotto  Mega Millions, with an amazing $67 million jackpot!