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Swiss Lotto – Now It’s Easier to Become a Millionaire!

14 Jan 2013

On 10th January 2013, the Loterie Romande and Swisslos launched the new Swiss Lotto, a streamlined version that uses a smaller guess range and now includes a second prize worth SFr. 1 million! The new lottery is available throughout Switzerland and results and information can be found on theLotter!

A new and improved Swiss Lotto was launched on Thursday, making the game easier to win and featuring higher average jackpots. Secondary prize divisions will offer larger prizes, including a second prize now worth SFr. 1 million (approximately $1.1 million). However, the most important change for the revamped Swiss Lotto is that players will now pick six numbers from a guess range of 1-42 instead of 1-45, making it easier to win each of the lotto’s eight prize divisions including the coveted jackpot. The old bonus number is now an additional number, or Lucky Number, chosen from a guess range of 1-6. It is essential to win the jackpot, and is also relevant to prize divisions 3, 5 and 7.New Swiss Lotto from Loterie Romande and Swisslos

“The new format will revive the Swiss Lotto,” says Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, General Director at Loterie Romande. “Players wanted more attractive jackpots and more often.” A smaller guess range means fewer balls in the drum and a reduced number of possible outcomes, making the selection each player holds more likely to match a winning outcome!

Swiss Lotto created more than 762 millionaires since it began in 1970, with a record win of SFr. 35.8 million distributed in March 2010, in the German part of Switzerland. In the French area of the European territory, the record jackpot was SFr. 19.7 million. The new format is expected to make such jackpots commonplace in the Swiss Lotto.

Another lottery to make improvements for the sake of its fans is the Germany Lotto. From May 2013, there will be an additional prize division, making nine in total. The new winning combination will allow players to take home a prize for two regular numbers and a bonus number, an extra ball that is selected from the main drum that contains the regular guess set. To win the jackpot, players will still need to match all six main numbers and the Superzahl (Powerball). Play the Germany Lotto online today!

The last Swiss Lotto Plus draw was held on Wednesday, 9th January 2013, and as there was no jackpot winner, SFr. 2 million was divided amongst secondary prize winners who matched five of the main numbers and the Lucky Number. Draws for the new Swiss Lotto will still take place twice each week, on Wednesday and Saturday nights. The inaugural draw of the game’s new version was held on January 12th and lottery results for the Swiss Lotto are available here.