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SuperEnalotto Italy Goes Global

31 Mar 2016

Italy is known for its architecture, food, music, fashion… and lottery! SuperEnalotto, Italy's most popular lottery game, is raising the stakes as the jackpot climbs to the top of the charts. Play SuperEnalotto online for your chance to win big, because as the saying goes: when in Rome…

SuperEnalotto Italy – millennia in the making

SuperEnalotto Italy Ticket

The history of lottery in Italy goes as far back as the emperors of Ancient Rome. Instead of monetary prizes, 'winners' would sometimes receive prizes like live snakes and wasps. Ancient Romans may have perfected the aqueduct, but it took nearly two millennia before the Italians got their lottery game just right.

SuperEnalotto Italy launched as a Christmas present to the nation on December 1997. It was a modern update to Enalotto, a game that Italians had played since the 1950s, proving that lottery players have always yearned for la dolce vita!

Unlike EuroMillions and EuroJackpot, SuperEnalotto has no jackpot cap whatsoever. It's no surprise that this lottery holds the world record for the longest rollover streak – nearly nine months' worth of rollovers! In October 2010, the prize was finally won as it reached €177.8 million. This was also Europe's jackpot record for the next nine months until EuroMillions surpassed it with a €185 million prize amount in July 2011.

How to Play SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto Italy Tickets

The goal of the new SuperEnalotto was to give players a sleek and simple game with lots of amazing jackpots. SISAL, the Italian lottery organisation in charge of SuperEnalotto, accomplished this goal with its user-friendly format. To play SuperEnalotto, all you need to do is choose six numbers from 1 to 90.

Along with the main numbers, a Jolly number is automatically chosen when a ticket is purchased. The Jolly number is only used for the second prize – match 5 main numbers and the Jolly number. To win the SuperEnalotto Italy jackpot, a ticket must match all six winning main numbers. There are six prize divisions in total.

A player can also opt to purchase SuperEnalotto SuperStar tickets, which increases prize payouts and adds additional prize categories. To play SuperStar, choose six regular numbers from 1 to 90 – the same as SuperEnalotto – and one SuperStar number, also from a guess range of 1 to 90.

SuperEnalotto is a celebrity magnet

SuperEnalotto Italy Online

As the record rollover streak continued throughout 2010, thousands of people traveled to Italy to purchase SuperEnalotto tickets. Whilst we agree that Italy is an amazing tourist destination, the simpler way to play is to buy lotto tickets online! Some of the lottery tourists were not your Average Jane or Joe however.

Paris Hilton was spotted purchasing 1500 SuperEnalotto entries during one of her many Mediterranean holidays. The New York socialite has a net worth of $100 million, so we doubt she was too disappointed when she didn't hit the jackpot.

George Clooney and Elizabeth Hurley, worth over $200 million combined, purchased their fair share of SuperEnalotto tickets in 2010 as the jackpot rose higher and higher. Clooney purchased a Hollywood-sized 1000 tickets and Hurley added another 500 tickets to the pile. The two megastars said that they hoped to win and donate the entire jackpot win to worthy charitable causes.

Clooney and Hurley ended up winning nothing, but another celebrity who bought SuperEnalotto tickets ended up a big winner. Whilst Madonna can claim almost a billion dollars to her name, the Queen of Pop is also the Queen of Lottery. During her European music tour in 2012, she took a break to buy 100 SuperEnalotto tickets. The Material Girl ended up winning €120,000 in secondary prizes. Unsurprisingly, Madonna donated all the prize money to help build a school in Malawi, where her adopted son was born.

SuperEnalotto Hot and Cold Numbers

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Which numbers should you choose? You can choose lucky numbers that mean something personally to you, which will magnify the meaning of a win; you can choose a Quick Pick so that the numbers are automatically chosen for you; or you can decide to go with hot and cold numbers. Hot and cold numbers are the numbers which were drawn the most and least frequently throughout the history of the game. The SuperEnalotto numbers that have been chosen the most are 90, 55, 1, 85, 88, and 81. The cold numbers are 60, 59, 9, 50, 18, and 28. The numbers are no guarantee, but it's certainly intriguing to look at the data!

Of course the only way to guarantee you don't win is to fail to play. Make sure this doesn't happen to you – buy SuperEnalotto tickets online now!