Siblings to Share $1 Million Jackpot Win in Iowa

Siblings to Share $1 Million Jackpot Win in Iowa

19 Aug 2014

A threesome made up of two brothers and one sister in Iowa win $1 million in Mega Millions draw!

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Gerald Bevis of Johnston, Iowa is a proud father today. His three children won a $1 million Mega Millions jackpot on August 1st, and he had something to do with it!

Stephen, the eldest, along with his brother, Craig, and his sister, Marsha, have been buying lottery tickets together for years now but never had they won an amount quite like this. After leaving the ticket unchecked for days, their father, Gerald, finally compared them with the winning numbers in the newspaper, and hurriedly called his son over to come take a look. “It just really didn’t sink in”, Stephen had said.

The trio will net a total of $700,000 in cash after taxes, making the win for each $233,333. Craig and Marsha are semi-retired and plan on financing their retirements, while Stephen is still employed – for the moment.

The numbers they chose in the August 1st draw were 13, 29, 34, 37 and 72. Had they chosen the correct Mega Ball number of 6, they would have landed a jackpot of $87 million! The addition of the Megaplier option to their ticket would have resulted in a win worth a cool $5 million.

Since no one has claimed a Mega Millions jackpot since July 1st, the prize has rolled over an incredible 14 times, making Tuesday’s draw a $160 million jackpot! Make sure to get your Mega Millions tickets fast, and don’t forget about the Megaplier option, which could multiply your win up to five times!