Shocked and Happy Lottery Winner in Canada's LOTTO MAX

Shocked and Happy Lottery Winner in Canada

29 Jul 2014

A 75 year old retiree in Canada became a millionaire overnight, thanks to his CAD $20 million LOTTO MAX jackpot.


LOTTO MAX canada jackpot mason

John Mason was astounded upon discovering his huge win this past week in his hometown of Orillia, Canada. A retired electrician, Mason purchased the $5 LOTTO MAX ticket on Thursday, and by Saturday, he was the recipient of the CAD $20.6 million jackpot. “It was dumbfounding, hard to believe”, he shared at a press conference the other day. Mason had won $1,000 years ago in a Keno lottery, but was shocked to have won this amount now.

Future Plans

An avid fisher, Mason plans to buy a home closer to the water, to better his chances of reeling in another winner. Though he never had children of his own, Mason has plenty of brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews and plans on spoiling them with his newfound wealth. Also on the new lottery winner’s activity roster: buy a new car and travel to warmer weather this coming winter. But his first purchase? A $100 tip for the cabbie who took him to collect his winnings. For all the up-to-date lottery results, including LOTTO MAX, make sure to sign up for theLotter’s result email alert!