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Seeing Green in Somerset

6 Mar 2015

UK couple win nearly £1.2 million in last month’s National Lottery drawing!

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Paying off the mortgage for themselves and their children are the first purchases that jackpot winners Paul Newton and his wife Tania will make, after winning £1.176 million in the February 28th drawing of the National Lottery. The couple from Weston-super-Mare, UK are still in a state of semi-shock, after learning of the win.

Paul, a guitar salesman and a bass player in a local band, was checking his results on his iPad in the car when he came across a congratulatory email from the National Lottery. Squinting to see the fine print, the lucky winner initially thought his win was £1,176 and thought to himself how lucky he was to be a thousand pounds richer. But upon a closer look, Paul was simply astonished to discover that his win was actually over a million pounds! Driving frantically across town to locate his wife, Paul finally sat her down and told her the amazing news.

Admitting that the win hasn’t completely set in, the couple have already set aside the funds to pay off the mortgage on their house, and the houses of the three children they have among them. After that, Paul and Tania will buy new phones for themselves, and most likely invest the rest in their retirement.

Comprised of birthdays and anniversaries, the numbers they won with were 4, 7, 9, 10, 19 and 47, with the Bonus Ball being 43. For your chance at winning the next National Lottery jackpot of £4.2 million, make sure to get your tickets on theLotter !