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Saturday’s Powerball Numbers – Mission Impossible?

2 Dec 2013

Just like any other Saturday, the last one brought along a set of Powerball winning numbers. With a top prize of $70 million standing on an honorable second place in the world’s biggest jackpots top 10, the latest Powerball draw had a lot of eyes set on it. The suspense was over when the results were in; the conclusion: Saturday’s Powerball numbers did not make new millionaires, but they gave America’s favorite jackpot an $11 million boost.

Which were this Saturday’s Powerball numbers?

The last Powerball draw of October 2013 resulted in the following set of winning numbers: 5, 26, 44, 45, 57 and bonus number 29. Nobody succeeded to match all these balls, so for the fourth time in a row, Powerball jackpot had no winner. A rather unusual thing is that Saturday’s Powerball numbers didn't make any new millionaires as there was no match 5 prize this time either. Were Saturday’s Powerball numbers “mission impossible”? Not really, if we think that the US lotto giant distributed a total of $2,883,994 in non-jackpot prizes and made 438,145 winners.

How much is Powerball’s lottery jackpot now?

For this Wednesday’s draw, Powerball has on display a promising $81 million top prize, which can set this US lotto game on the track towards one of its top jackpots. As the month has just started, it would be the perfect time for Powerball to create some end-of-year excitement and deliver a festive jackpot.

Can I use Power Play when playing Powerball online?

Of course, our online lottery services allow you to purchase your Powerball tickets from anywhere you are at any time of day or night, benefiting from the same play option that you would have when going to the lotto kiosk. This includes the Power Play option, which has the power to multiply your non-jackpot prize up to 4 times. You should know that this prize multiplier is about to change its rules in 2014 , in order to make Powerball draws even more exciting than they are now.

What are you waiting for? Lotto US Powerball holds a new draw this Wednesday. Grab your Powerball lottery ticket right now if you want to make sure you stand a chance of winning the amazing $81 million jackpot or one of its secondary prizes.