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Retired Miner Wins the UK Lotto Twice in Less Than 12 Months

7 Dec 2015

An 80-year-old former miner from Rugeley, England has met good fortune twice in 2015. First by winning £3,000 through the UK Lotto and then again by winning £1 million! This Wednesday, UK Lotto offers an amazing jackpot worth £22.6 million! Read about the UK Lotto winner and our special offer below!

Vic Eden, a Brit from Rugeley, England and a former miner who has only recently retired, enjoyed a £3,000 win in the UK Lotto. At the time, this seemed like a serious amount to Eden. Little did he know that just a few months later he’d win another lottery prize that would make his first win pale in comparison - an astonishing £1 million.

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With both wins under his belt, Eden recalled his winnings with a smile, as he realised he finally had enough funds to plan a proper vacation. As Eden was enjoying his morning cup of tea, he decided to check his ticket. As he told the UK Lotto spokesperson: “I clocked the first two numbers. Then I went through them all and started to shake. I checked them again and again, I can’t remember how many times, before calling my son”. After not being able to reach his son Gary, Eden tried his daughter Gillian, who was the first to congratulate him.

Eden’s daughter also had a hard time believing her father had actually won: "I told Gill that I’d won the lottery and she didn’t believe me. I told her to look on the TV or the internet whilst I shouted out the code. In the meantime Gary was trying to call me back but couldn’t get through. Then, after they called round to home and we all realised I had won, all hell broke loose”.

The joyous win adds to a special year for this winner: not only had he won the lottery twice, but he also celebrated his 80th birthday and now gets to enjoy his newfound fortune with his wife, two children, and seven grandchildren. His plans for spending the money are yet to be decided, but the happy winner did mention he’s looking into buying a new car.

By the way, there are many other examples of extreme lottery luck when people have managed to win big prizes more than once!

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