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Powerball South Africa and New Zealand are Getting Exciting!

21 Nov 2013

The Powerball lottery, world-wide, is one of the more exciting lotto games players encounter. It is such a thrill that the format has been coped all around the globe and exists in South African, New Zealander and Australian versions!

SA Powerball Results

Occurring twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday at 21:30 local time (19:30 GMT), the South African Powerball numbers are drawn. Similar to the US Powerball, in the SA version of the game players choose five main numbers and one additional number, the Powerball. When purchasing a South Africa Powerball lottery ticket, the number range is slightly different: choose the five regular numbers from a 1-45 number range and the additional number from a different matrix of 1-20 , as opposed to the US Powerball in which players choose the five numbers from 1-59 and the Powerball from a 1-35 number range.

Recently, theLotter congratulated a South Africa Powerball winner! M.P., from Sri Lanka, played the lottery and won the 3rd place prize entitling him to a R 26,616 (US$ 2,630) win in the lottery’s November 5th draw! The SA Powerball results for that draw were: 12, 26, 32, 42, 43 and Powerball 10. M.P. successfully matched four of the five regular numbers and the Powerball! The next South Africa Powerball draw will take place tomorrow evening and offers players a chance to pocket the R 33 million (US$ 3.2 million) jackpot. Play now for a chance to win the lottery’s top prize or any of the other seven prize categories.

Powerball New Zealand Lottery

NZ Powerball lotto was founded in 2001 and is well-known as one of the country’s favourite national lotteries thanks to its 12 prize categories, tax-free prizes, and attractive Powerball winning odds. theLotter players can look forward to its Saturday evening draws guaranteeing a minimum NZ$ 5,000,000 jackpot every week!

Less than two months ago, on September 28th, Lotto NZ results created a new top prize record win of NZ$ 33 million (US$ 27 million) in a 'Must Be Won' draw! The lottery’s jackpot passed the NZ$ 30 million must-win sum and as no first division players matched the winning numbers, the top prize trickled down to a 3rd prize category winner from Auckland who successfully matching five regular numbers + the Powerball + the bonus number.

Following in his footsteps, a new Powerball New Zealand winner from Auckland recently became NZ$ 10.68 million (US$ 8.8 million) wealthier after winning the lottery’s jackpot this past Saturday, November 16th. The winning ticket was sold at Botany Junction Four Square in Flat Bush, Auckland.

In order to pocket the jackpot, players must match six regular numbers ranging 1-40 and the Powerball, selected from a smaller range of 1-10. At the time of the draw a bonus number is drawn, which can assist players in winning secondary prizes in six prize categories. This Saturday, November 23rd, players have a chance to take home the lottery's NZ$ 5 million (US$ 4.1 million) jackpot or any of the 11 secondary tax-free prize categories – click here to play!

Powerball Unclaimed Winning Ticket

Time ran out for a May 22nd Powerball winner! According to lottery officials, the winning ticket worth $465,539 was purchased in Los Angeles, California. Powerball’s winning numbers for that Wednesday draw were: 9, 31, 35, 41, 57 and Powerball 26. Missing the 180-day deadline this past Monday, November 18th, that winning ticket is now unfortunately not worth so much.

This most definitely would not have happened to an online lottery ticket winner from theLotter as players receive notifications whenever they win! In addition theLotter players can sign-up to receive FREE SMS alerts to find out about their wins the fastest way possible!