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Powerball Lottery Winners Hope to Change Lotto Rules

24 Jun 2012

20 co-workers from a Quaker Oats plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, turned in the single winning lottery from the June 13th Powerball lotto results last Wednesday, entitling them to a $241 million jackpot. The group called the “Shipping 20 Trust” cashed in their prize and are now walking around Cedar Rapids each $5.6 million richer.

While the winners are elated about their life-changing cash windfall, they are hesitant to publish their full names and receive the fame often associated with lottery winners. The group’s spokesman was referred to as “Al” during the press conference, but no last names have been revealed. The members of this crew of shipping employees consider themselves normal people in small-town America who want to avoid obtaining celebrity status from their good fortune. They want to move on with their everyday lives, now $5.6 million richer, and give back to Cedar Rapids and their Quaker Oats community. However, anonymity might be out of the question.

Iowa state law maintains that the winners’ names are public information and must be disclosed. In order to circumvent this legislature, the winners cited the Shipping 20 Trust as the legal Powerball winner and the workers as the beneficiaries of that trust. As such, their names cannot be revealed without written consent. However, this maneuver did not pass the official lotto rules and the winners have gone to new lengths to protect their identities.

Kansas, Indiana, Maryland, North Dakota, Delaware and Ohio are the only US states that allow winners to remain anonymous. However, if the Shipping 20 trust succeeds, Iowa could soon become the seventh state on that list. Anonymity has become a growing concern among lottery winners who worry that with the rise of social media, they will face a barrage of solicitations and unwanted attention from supposed long-lost relatives or friends. So, the Shipping 20 Trust has sought a court injunction to prevent their full names from being disclosed. The Iowa Lottery has given the winners and their attorney one week to obtain the injunction before they go ahead and publish the identities, which was the case for the previous six Powerball jackpot wins in Iowa.

As it turns out, the June 13th Powerball Lotto results are not just making headlines for the massive jackpot of $241 million, but also because the winners are working to pass historical legislature that will affect all Iowa lottery winners to come.