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Play Like the Italians! Play SuperEnalotto!

Apr 1, 2018

Can you believe it? SuperEnalotto offers the biggest lottery jackpot prize in the world! Wouldn't you like to win it?

Soccer is the most popular spectator sport in Italy. It is an essential aspect of Italian lifestyle. Can you guess what the most popular national lottery game in Italy is? It’s called SuperEnalotto. It’s just as exciting and it is played by millions of people every week. Since 1997 SuperEnalotto has been bringing its players jackpots of record-breaking proportions and the good news is there is no cap on the amount of times a SuperEnalotto jackpot can roll over. It’s easy to see why players continue to take their chances on this game.

Right now the SuperEnalotto jackpot is at €122.8 million and the next drawing is Tuesday. Get in on this incredible jackpot now and join the growing list of big SuperEnalotto winners.


The Five Largest SuperEnalotto Jackpot Winners

The largest jackpot won in the SuperEnalotto lottery was in May 2010 for €177.7 million. It was won by a syndicate of 70 players in Milan.

The second largest SuperEnalotto jackpot ever was hit in October 2016 for €163.5 million, and that ticket was purchased in Vibo Valentia, Calabria.

The third biggest jackpot was won in August 2009 for €147.8 million in Bagnone, Tuscany.

The fourth biggest payout was in February 2010 for €139 million; the winning ticket was purchased in Parma, Emilia-Romagna and Pistoia, Tuscany.

The fifth largest SuperEnalotto jackpot ever won was €130.2 million in April 2018; the winning ticket was purchased in Caltanisetta, Sicily.

How to Play SuperEnalotto

Playing SuperEnalotto is easy. All you need to do it select six numbers between 1 and 90. You can win a prize by matching anything from two balls to all six balls.

You can also play an optional SuperStar number which is an extra number drawn and offers you the opportunity to increase your payout by winning even bigger prizes. The SuperStar game was introduced in 2006 in order to create new ways to win prizes. You select one number between 1 and 90 and then the SuperStar ball is drawn from a separate set of balls. If the SuperStar ball is matched along with a winning combination in the main game it can vastly increase your payout because it creates additional prize categories for more ways to win.

SuperEnalotto vs. SuperStar

Feature SuperEnalotto SuperStar

Jackpot (example)


Jackpot + €2 Million

Prize Divisions



Second Category

Approximately €300,000

Special bonus of €1 M

Third Category

Approximately €32,000

Multiplied by 25

Fourth Category

Approximately €300

Multiplied by 100

Fifth Category


Multiplied by 100

Minimum Prize

Match 2 Balls

Match SuperStar number

Draw Details

The SuperEnalotto drawings are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Don’t miss out on your opportunity for the €122.8 million jackpot. Play SuperEnalotto now!  The next drawing is on Tuesday!