Pensioner Takes Oz Lotto to Court Over a Winning Lotto Ticket

Pensioner Takes Oz Lotto to Court Over a Winning Lotto Ticket from ‘97

11 Apr 2014

What would you do if you knew you bought a winning ticket, worth millions of dollars, but you just couldn’t find it? A pensioner from Australia took NSW Lotteries to court, trying to win the lost treasure.

Pensioner Claims He Won $3.3 Million in Oz Lotto, But Lost the Ticket

Robert Clemett, a pensioner, claimed he won the September 1997 Oz Lotto draw but lost the ticket. Clemett said he found out of his win only four years later while watching a TV program about unclaimed lottery prizes.

The TV show revealed that two of the three winners of the Oz Lotto draw claimed their prize, and that the third winner had yet to show up. Clemett also learned that the third winning ticket was purchased at Greenfield Newsagency, in Sydney's west.

According to Clemett, he was the owner of the third share of the AU$10 million prize. The share of the prize, worth AU$ 3.3 million is the largest win to stay unclaimed in NSW. He gave the court the details of the purchase, including the amount he spent on the tickets and the numbers composition.

Clemett was not the only one trying to contact NSW Lotteries to claim ownership of the win following the TV broadcast. However, he was the only one who took it so far as going to court. NSW Lotteries claimed that in the absence of a ticket it had no obligation to pay the prize.

Last week the court ruled in favour of NSW Lotteries and dismissed Mr. Clemett's case. The judge said that while she believes Clemett is truly convinced he was the rightful winner,she was not convinced his claim was valid

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