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Online Lottery Winners from theLotter!

27 Oct 2013

theLotter saw two online lottery players win this past weekend! S.M. from Russia played the Spanish La Primitiva lottery and won the 3rd place prize; H.H. all the way from Germany entered EuroMillions’ Friday draw and with the help of a systematic form won more than 20 times his original win!

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La Primitiva Player Wins Big!

S.M. from Russia has been playing lottery games at theLotter since December 2011 and has won a total of 13 times – nearly quadrupling his investment in lotto games! He recently received his €3,291 ($4,537) win from the October 24th La Primitiva lottery draw. During the lottery’s #85 draw of the year, there were a total of 175 third place winners and S.M. was one of them!

What were the La Primitiva Winning Numbers?

The La Primitiva winning numbers were: 10, 22, 34, 37, 38, 47 and bonus ball 18. The lottery’s jackpot rolled over to the next draw as a first place winner for that Thursday draw was not found. S.M. played the La Primitiva draw that evening via theLotter, and together with another 174 players, successfully matched five of the six regular numbers, winning the 3rd place prize! This is S.M.’s first big win at theLotter and hopefully one of many to come.

EuroMillions Lotto Results Create another theLotter Winner

Chances are that one big weekend win is not enough for theLotter, so please make room for one more! H.H. from Germany played the EuroMillions most recent Friday draw and WON! Having been playing on theLotter since September 2010 and winning nearly 500 times, this is H.H.’s biggest win so far – making him €1,848 ($2,550) richer!

The EuroMillions lotto results for October 25th were: 2, 3, 10, 31, 38 and Lucky Stars 6 and 10. In order to win the EuroMillions biweekly Tuesday and Friday jackpots, players must correctly guess the five regular numbers, drawn from a 1-50 number range, and the two additional Lucky Stars which are chosen from a different pool of 11 numbers.

H.H. was lucky and wise to use an 8-number systematic form, which produced all winning combinations from his selected numbers, including three of the regular numbers (2, 10 and 31) and both Lucky Stars. Typically, a 3+2PB match on EuroMillions 86th draw of the year would have earned a player an €86 ($119) win; however, thanks to the systematic form, H.H.'s selected numbers matched more than 50 winning number repetitions, multiplying his original win by more than 20 times!

theLotter Pampers its Players with Great Offers!

Both players love to play the lottery online with theLotter and have gained amazing discounts with their VIP player status. H.H. is a diamond VIP player, which is the highest VIP level with a fixed 20% discount. S.M. has earned a bronze VIP status which enables him to receive a 2.5% discount, all this in addition to the special discounts the site offers!

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