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Online Lottery Winner: La Primitiva Pays Out $15,000 to theLotter Player

17 Aug 2013

How would a lottery win in the bank change your life? theLotter’s players know firsthand! C.P. played the La Primitiva and won BIG in this Spanish lottery! C.P. is not the only player to win thousands playing online – read here for more info about this and other exciting wins on theLotter.

La Primitiva has recently recovered from its record jackpot of €66.6 million which was claimed by a fortunate player from Seville on August 3rd. From now on, this Spanish lottery will be known as not only one of the oldest lotteries in the world with 250 years of history behind it already, but will also be classed alongside some of the biggest ones! During its rollover streak, the La Primitiva grew over the course of 41 rollovers for nearly five months!

theLotter’s very own C.P. from South Africa decided to enter the promising La Primitiva lottery with a multi-draw package while the lottery continued climbing on its rollover streak. C.P. may have missed out on the record La Primitiva €66.6 million jackpot draw; however, the following draw made him over $15,000 richer! After verifying the August 8th winning results: 8, 16, 22, 23, 32, 48 and Reintegro 18, C.P. realized that his pockets would immediately become much heavier! He entered La Primitiva using a systematic form of 84 lines created from the nine numbers: 16, 19, 22, 23, 28, 32, 35, 39 and 48. Thanks to the way the systematic form works, by creating all possible combinations of the above numbers, C.P. successfully matched five of the six regular numbers earning him exactly $15,062.96. theLotter players can check online La Primitva lottery results in addition to 70 worldwide lotteries.

Another big systematic win was cashed in earlier this year for a player choosing to play it global on theLotter fromNew Zealand. V.K. from Russia entered Powerball’s June 22nd draw. V.K. and won over $175,000 that day! V.K. saw a fantastic return on his subscription New Zealand Powerball weekly lottery draws, which also guaranteed him with every 10th ticket free. By using an eight-number systematic form, V.K. was able to produce all possible entry combinations of his selected numbers and increased the odds of winning a prize!

Systematic forms aren't the only key to success! Talk about beginner’s luck--theLotter’s US Powerball lottery winner from April 2012 won $1 million just a few weeks after becoming a member! B.U. is from London and decided to take part in one of the huge American lotteries, which he could do playing through theLotter. Read all about B.U.’s millionaire win and how his win changed his life. His motto: “People should never lose hope, keep playing and one day the jackpot will come. I still believe that I will win the top prize and winning $1 million with theLotter has been great practice for when I do!”

Stay up-to-date in the latest news from the lotto world and play all of your favourites! Good luck to all the online lottery fans, and have a happy weekend!