One Very Lucky Winner for the $400,000,000 US Powerball Jackpot

19 Sep 2013

Already, the year 2013 has offered US Powerball fans one pleasant surprise after another. The latest treat involved a $400 million jackpot that the US Powerball displayed for the draw on Wednesday, September 18th; an enormous prize won by one single lucky winner from South Carolina who matched the lucky numbers 7, 10, 22, 32, 35 and Powerball 19.

US Powerball recently made yet another 9-figure multi-millionaire in a mid-month Wednesday draw offering a staggering $400,000,000 jackpot. The Multi-State Lottery Association has confirmed that it became the 4th largest Powerball prize ever and the 5th biggest jackpot the world has ever seen. The lucky numbers 7, 10, 22, 32, 35 and Powerball 19 are responsible for this amazing win.

Every time the US Powerball top prize is won, it resets to a starting jackpot of $40 million. Recently the popular American lottery has seen its main prize rise quickly to become 9-figure sums. Since the start of 2013, the US Powerball has offered its fans six jackpots worth more than $100 million each, averaging one 9-figure jackpot every six weeks! This year’s milestones include the impressive $217 million jackpot Dave and Nancy Honeywell scooped in February, the life changing $338 million prize that helped Dominican immigrant Pedro Quezada see his American dream come true in March, the record breaking $590.5 million Gloria Mackenzie cashed in in May, and an awesome $448 million shared by the holders of three lucky Powerball tickets in August.

US Powerball's $400 Million Winner

As soon as the lucky numbers were reported to have found a match, the hunt for the mysterious winner began, accompanied by the usual post-mega draw questions: Is it one person? Where are they from? Is it a group? It wouldn't be the first time in the lottery’s history that a big win was split between the members of an office pool, a group of friends or an entire extended family. For a while, anyone walking around the Murphy Express gas station near Lexington, where the multi-million ticket was sold, was suspected of being the lucky ticket holder coming to claim his/her/a group's win.

As the dust settled, there was only one winner, a gentleman from Columbia, South Carolina. We may never know the lucky $400 million US Powerball winner’s name, as although the mysterious ticket holder has come forward, South Carolina legislation allows lottery winners to withhold their names and personal details should they so choose.  

Powerball Secondary Prizes Winners

The latest US Powerball winning numbers created 2,914,310 winners, with just one player claiming the top prize and everyone else sharing $34,226,600 in secondary prizes. US Powerball is one of those lotteries that make a bunch of millionaires in a single draw, and the $400 million jackpot winner was not the only one. Twelve lucky ticket holders matched all five Powerball numbers, nine of whom will cash in $1 million, while the other 3 will scoop a double amount - $2 million - for having chosen the Power Play option when purchasing their tickets.

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