Powerball Lottery Makes Thelotter.Com Customer Happy

New Zealand Powerball Shows Some Love to a theLotter.com Customer!

18 Feb 2014

If you like the US Powerball, you will love the New Zealand Powerball!  theLotter.com long-time customer P.L. from New Caledonia sure does. This last Saturday February 15 th,  P. L. won €9441.16 in the New Zealand Powerball lottery.

New Zealand Powerball

With the US Powerball its incredible $400 Million jackpot on everybody’s mind these days, it is easy to forget that the Powerball lottery takes place in other countries as well. A very successful lottery format, Powerball lotto game can also be found in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

P.L. from New Caledonia has been taking advantage of the amazing "play it global" opportunities offered by theLotter to try most of them. P.L. has been playing on theLotter since February 2009, purchasing online lottery tickets and trying his luck at his favourite lotteries, including New Zealand Powerball, US Powerball, and US Mega Millions.

This time, P.L. hit it BIG, cashing in almost €10.000 with New Zeeland Powerball! P.L. purchased a systematic form with 8 numbers giving him a combination of all of his favourite numbers in 28 lines. The numbers were indeed lucky for P.L. With a match of 5 numbers plus the bonus ball, P.L. won the 4th prize division. The numbers 8, 9, 17, 19, 24 and bonus number 10 brought P.L.  a total of  €9441.16 - the 4th prize as well as an additional 27 smaller prizes for the lesser matches.

Once again the systematic form has proven lucky for theLotter.com customers. Two prizes over €500,000 have already gone to customers using them in the past.