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New York Record-Breaking Jackpot Win Claimed!

14 Jan 2015

Retired New York couple win state’s biggest jackpot in Mega Millions lottery!

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History was made this week as Harold Diamond and his wife Carol, of Wurtsboro, New York stepped forward to claim the November 4th Mega Millions jackpot of a staggering $326 million, an all-time high for the state of New York.

Speaking at a press conference just the other day, Mr. Diamond, 80, told of how he and his wife were driving to eat dinner after having voted on Election Day, when the weather started to storm, making them stop at a nearby sandwich shop. While eating, Harold saw the flashing lights of a Mega Millions jackpot sign, and so he decided to spend $10 on a Quick Pick tickets. The happy couple could have never imagined that that $10 would turn them into overnight millionaires!

Retired as a Monticello school principal, Harold was out golfing the next day when his buddy happened to mention that the winning ticket was purchased right there in their hometown. His curiosity spiked, he promptly checked his ticket, and was simply flabbergasted to discover that he was the sole winner of the humongous jackpot. Informing his wife Carol, herself a retired school teacher of 36 years, Harold was quoted as saying “We feel very blessed, it’s very hard to fathom”.

The couple have opted for the lump-sum payment, and will take home $130.68 million after taxes. When asked how they will start to spend this enormous amount, Diamond said how he wanted to give back to his community, starting with the local school district where the couple spent their entire career. After that, the couple will share the wealth with close friends and family, which include two sons.

This jackpot topped the previous New York record, held by “The Albany 7”, a syndicate of state employees who won $319 million in March, 2011. The winning numbers that night were 9, 15, 24, 39 and 41, with a bonus number of 1. This week’s Powerball offers an equally impressive jackpot of $176 million, purchase Powerball tickets online on theLotter!