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New York Millionaire Wins Thousands More in Lottery

4 Jan 2015

Wall Street tycoon scores big in New York state lottery!

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When you’re a millionaire, what’s a few thousand more? Or maybe sixty-five thousand more? Robert Fagenson, a known figure on Wall Street, won the second place prize division in the New York State Lottery on December 27th, and won $65, 243. Playing the lottery twice a week for over twenty years now, Mr. Fagenson uses numbers comprised of his and wife’s birthdays, their anniversary date, and his daughter’s birth dates. The numbers drawn that night were 24, 28, 39, 45, 46 and 47, and the bonus number was 33. The lucky winner managed to guess five out of the six, plus the bonus number.

Robert Fagenson is the CEO of National Holdings Corporation, and has spent most of his career at the New York Stock Exchange. Wearing many hats in the business world – Chairman, Director, Board Member, he can now add lottery winner to his long list of respectable and profitable titles.

“I was just wondering if the system really worked”, joked the 66-year old New York native. Every year, the lucky winner spends just under $300 in lottery tickets, and says he plans to continue trying his luck! The biggest jackpot in the States right now is the US Mega Millions, where pool stands at an amazingly high $206 million! Don’t miss your chance at winning, play Mega Millions online now!