New Year’s Eve Millionaires Greet 2014 in Wealth!

1 Jan 2014

The lottery world could not wait a minute more for the New Year’s Eve 2014 special draws to occur! EuroMillions UK Millionaires Raffle crowned 25 £1 million millionaires in one night while the annual Brazilian Mega da Virada waited for its attractive R$ 200 million (US$ 85 million) jackpot to be won!

Greet 2014 in Wealth

25 EuroMillions UK Millionaires Created in One Night

EuroMillions UK is well-known for its biweekly draws which offer jackpots starting at £12 million, an additional 12 prize divisions that include a prize for matching as few as two main numbers, and most importantly – a millionaire raffle included in each and every lottery draw. The National Lottery decided to turn New Year’s Eve 2014 into a night to remember and created a total of 25 new millionaires in the millionaire raffle!

As most everything to occur during 2014 is unknown, the EuroMillions UK lottery took care of one big detail for us in last night’s draw which occurred at 19:30 local time (19:30 GMT) on December 31st. You can be certain as the sun that even though the lottery’s jackpot was not claimed, the 25 new millionaires with the matching 9-digit alpha-numerical codes printed on their lottery tickets greeted 2014 with ear-to-ear smiles and a new fortune in hands!

EuroMillions UK Millionaires Raffle Results

Results for the EuroMillions UK New Year’s Eve Millionaire Raffle are in! The 25 winning codes are:


























The five main winning numbers from Tuesday’s draw #655 were 13, 20, 24, 29, and 45, and Lucky Stars, drawn from a separate pool of 1-11, were 3 and 7. Even though no ticket managed to match all seven required numbers, 12 ticket holders successfully guessed the five main numbers and one Lucky Star, winning each the 2nd place prize of £125,281. Added to this, six people received £83,520 for selecting the same five numbers that came out of the main draw drum without those extra two Lucky Stars.

The jackpot prize of £81,000,000 remained with a winner for the ninth consecutive time, rising to £93 million for the next draw, which will take place this Friday on January 3rd. Tickets are on sale online at theLotter to play the next EuroMillions UK draw, the lottery’s first draw to occur in 2014!

Playing Brazil Mega da Virada

Lottery fans are well acquainted with the Brazilian online lotteries theLotter offers, including the Dupla Sena, Mega Sena and Quina games. Mega da Virada is a special annual draw, which takes place on New Year’s Eve or the day before, played exactly like the well-known Mega Sena lottery. End-of-year lottery events are appealing to all players as most of the world’s population dreams to begin the New Year as a millionaire! In order to play the Mega da Virada, players guess 6/60 numbers, all of which must be correctly matched in order to win the jackpot prize! Those successful in matching 4/60 or 5/60 numbers win secondary prizes. There have been times when not a single ticket matched all six numbers, in which case the top prize is distributed among 2nd place winners. If more than one player succeeds to match all six main numbers, the jackpot prize is then split equally among the winning ticket holders.

Mega da Virada 2013 Creates Four Winners

Brazil’s Mega da Virada 2013 occurred just last night, guaranteeing a R$ 200 million (US$ 85 million) jackpot. As is usually the case with this annual lottery, the jackpot rose towards the draw thanks to an increase in ticket sales, reaching nearly R$ 250 million for the Mega da Virada New Year’s Eve 2014 draw. Not only did the lottery offer its players an extremely high jackpot to start 2014 in luxury, but also great winning odds for one of the three prize categories!

Mega da Virada winning numbers: 20, 30, 36, 38, 47 and 53 created a total of four jackpot winners on New Year’s Eve 2013! Each pocketed an exciting R$ 56,169,465 (US$ 23.7 million) win, just in time to finish 2013-start 2014 in great happiness and wealth!

Thank you to all the lottery players choosing to play lottery online with theLotter. Have a great New Year 2014 and good luck in the amazing world of lottos!