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New Lottery to Play: Latvia Latloto 5/35

05 Jul 2018

An exciting new lottery has joined the line-up at theLotter and this newcomer is from Latvia. With a small guess range and incredible winning odds, lottery fans will be eager to try their luck in winning the Latloto 5/35 jackpot!

Latvia Latloto 5/35

Why Play Latvian Lotteries?

  • Inexpensive tickets

  • Small guess range

  • Great winning odds!

How to Play Latloto 5/35

To play Latloto 5/35, all you have to do is choose 5 numbers from 1-35. When you purchase your ticket, an additional number between 0-9 will be automatically assigned to it. Match all five main numbers as well as the extra number and you win the lottery’s incredible jackpot. The Latloto 5/35 jackpot typically starts in the range of €100,000 - €130,000 and as there is no jackpot cap, it keeps rolling over until there is a winner. In addition to the jackpot, there are three other prize divisions for matching five, four, and three of five numbers correctly.

Draws are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You don’t want to miss a single draw!

Purchase your Latloto 5/35 tickets now!