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New Jersey Pick Six Online theLotter Winner

6 Sep 2012

Congratulations! There is a new New Jersey Pick Six winner at theLotter from Thursday’s draw. The 2nd prize winner, O.B. from South Africa, won a sum of US$2,618 on the lottery’s 66th draw this year guessing five of the winning numbers 5, 7, 15, 25, 48. There was no jackpot winner for the draw, bringing the jackpot to rollover for the 15th time, totalling US$4.5 million for the upcoming draw tonight. The winning numbers for the August 16th draw were 5, 7, 15, 19, 25, 48.

O.B. has been playing on theLotter since February 2011, purchasing online lottery tickets, and including his last win, has now summed his wins on the site at over US$8,000. In addition to playing the New Jersey Pick Six, the South African winner enjoys playing some of the world’s biggest lotteries including the US Powerball, Mega Millions and the EuroMillions online at theLotter. Moreover, he enjoys playing his local lottery, the South Africa Powerball which now appears 2nd in theSmart with a jackpot of 41 million South African Rand (US$4.9 million).

Not only did O.B. purchase his winning ticket through a 5-entry Multi-Draw package, giving him a 15% discount, he also is a theLotter Diamond VIP player, the highest VIP, entitling him to an additional 20% off! Following his win, O.B. received an SMS alert as he chose the option of receiving winning alerts by SMS to his cell phone, one of the free services players receive.

As the name of the game states, players are instructed to choose six numbers from a pool of 49 and should also follow the lottery’s motto to ‘Give Your Dreams a Chance’. The largest New Jersey Pick Six jackpot, of $48.9 million, was claimed in February of 2001 by a couple sharing a single ticket. First prize wins can be collected in the form of a lump sum or, as of 1982, two years after the lottery was first introduced, in an annuity option, which means any structured fixed payment given over a specified period of time.

The previous time the New Jersey Pick Six jackpot was won occurred on June 25th, 2012, when the US$21.5 million jackpot was scooped up after having rolled over for 54 consecutive draws, beginning in December 2011 and continuing all the way into mid 2012! The next draw for this Jersey lotto will take place tonight with a growing jackpot of US$4.5 million. As the American lotto currently appears 10th in theSmart, with odds that turn 1:57 players into winners, chances are good for players to take any of the three secondary prizes. theLotter wishes good luck to all future Pick Six players! To enter the next draw of the New Jersey Pick Six Lotto, click here.