Meet the New $1 Million Kalgoorlie Winners’ of Wednesday Lotto

Meet the New $1 Million Kalgoorlie Winners’ of Wednesday Lotto

24 Mar 2014

A lotto ticket bought in the spur of the moment brings life-changing wealth to a family from Kalgoorlie, West Australia. They became the new winners of AU$1 million in last week's Wednesday Lotto draw.

Winning Family of Wednesday Lotto Draw

The anonymous winning family claims if it weren't for an empty box of cereal which drove them to the shop, the ticket that turned out to be worth AU $1 million wouldn't have been bought. After returning from the store, the family sat down to watch Wednesday's draw on TV and checked the ticket.

The winning numbers for March 19th draw in west Australia were: 26, 13, 42, 15, 30, 19 and the supplementary numbers were 40 and 1. "The numbers started getting crowded on my ticket while I was circling them and I thought, 'this is looking good'", said one of the winners.

When asked about the plans for the new-found wealth, the winners said that "The win has meant that we now have more choices, we don't have to worry about money and can treat ourselves occasionally." Apart from wining and dining for days in celebration of the win, other planned expenses include travels and house renovations.

This is not the first time the family has played the lotto. They have had some luck in the past with several second division wins; however, this is their first jackpot win. "I'm a committed Lotto player and I was determined to win, we are very happy", said a family member and mentioned they’re still planning on playing the lotto, even after the big win.

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