Meet Mega Millions Latest Millionaires

Meet Mega Millions Latest Millionaires

18 Mar 2014

Tuesday evening is the perfect time to start dreaming about your personal happily-ever-after, as Mega Millions $400 million draw is approaching. Jackpot wins tend to upstage all the rest, but we wanted to remind you that Mega Millions has created millionaires through secondary wins as well!

Win Mega Millions $400 million jackpot!

The USA Mega Millions lottery boasts a $400 million jackpot for tonight's draw which is even predicted to exceed this sum if ticket sales swell in the last hours before closing. This jackpot grew over the course of 20 rollovers which translates to 20 draws in which no one matched the Mega Millions winning numbers.

Despite the fact no jackpot was won, 31 players can surely be considered winners as each of them managed to get their hands on a second prize of $1 million. Four of these players increased their win using the Megaplier feature – one took $4 million and the other three won $3 million. The Megaplier multiplies the secondary prize with a number between two to five, which is drawn alongside each Mega Millions draw.

Second but Not Secondary

Here are some of those second prize winners whose life has changes forever:

On January 14, postman Clarence Wright from Greensboro, North Carolina won $1 million. Wright guessed all main five numbers of that night's Mega Millions draw and became the first 2nd prize winner in North Carolina since the October 2012 rule change which increased the second prize tremendously. Several colleagues from Hewlett-Packard in Andover, Massachusetts won a second prize on that same January 14 draw. Their representative, Donna Yee, traveled to collect the win on their behalf.

A week later it was Ysmaille Castor who became a millionaire. The 52 year-old bus driver from Washington DC said he would use the money to pay off his car and home loans. With what's left, Ysmaille hopes to pay his four children’s college tuition. Another $1 million winner in that same January 21st draw was Cynthia Radosavljevic which was denied medical care the same day since she had no health insurance! No more of that for Cynthia!

Following several rollovers, Lady Luck paid a visit to Carlos Cardenas on his mother's birthday. He, too, won a $1 million prize after buying a ticket in a California gas station. Apart from buying his mom a fancy present, he said he plans on giving some of the win to help his dad and buy himself an apartment.

Two more February winners were Randy Brown and Woodrow Green. Brown is a retired truck driver from West Virginia who managed to match five main numbers to win the second prize. Green has never played the Mega Millions before but followed his girlfriend’s request to purchase a ticket. Green did not check his ticket for a week, and only after remembering his irregular purchase did he realize how much he had won!

After 20 rollovers and 31 new millionaires, it's quite clear that Mega Millions is everyone's game. Buy your Mega Millions online ticket now for tonight's draw and the next millionaire winning the astonishing $400 million or a rewarding second prize might be you!