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Marathon Runner Wins a Powerball Fortune

1 Oct 2014

A 53 year-old marathon runner from Prince George's County, Maryland, crossed the US Powerball finish line with a $1 million cheque, and there’s no stopping him!

Maryland Marathon Runner Wins Powerball $1 Million Prize

Winning the lottery can easily be compared to long distance running - you don't always get it right the first time, and the secret is to never give up! This loyal Powerball player knows all about it.

Being a devoted lottery player, the new Maryland millionaire had a respectable stack of lottery tickets, accumulated over three months, waiting to be checked. When taking the tickets to check at a local store he was surprised to discover he had won the Powerball second prize, worth $1 million in the July 16th draw.

But this is not the end for this marathon runner, who constantly strived to do better. This might have been his first big win, but according to him, it wouldn't be the last. The winner, who chose to remain anonymous, says he does not intend to keep playing and hopes to win a jackpot in the future.

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