Lucky to be Spanish – 5th Spanish EuroMillions Jackpot Win in 2014

Lucky to be Spanish – 5th Spanish EuroMillions Jackpot Win in 2014

16 Jun 2014

Spain may have taken a beating from the Netherlands in the World Cup over the weekend, but it sure is beating the Netherlands when it comes to the EuroMillions! A Spanish ticket on Friday the 13th’s EuroMillions draw matched all the numbers and won! Now it’s your turn – play EuroMillions online  in tomorrow night’s draw and snatch the win back from Spain!


This is the fifth time that a Spanish ticket wins the EuroMillions this year, and we’re only half way through 2014! The lucky Spanish lottery player matched the numbers 16, 18, 22, 28, and 46, as well as the Lucky Stars, 9 and 11! Along with the Spanish lotto winner were four more jackpot winners in Europe, splitting the grand prize into five.

While the Friday the 13th jackpot didn’t break EuroMillion’s record, it sure broke the Spanish win record, which was previously set at €126.2 million and was won in the EuroMillions draw on 8th May 2009. Another Spanish player matched all five main numbers and one Lucky Star and secured the second prize, worth €700,752. Altogether, Spanish lottery players have won a colossal €321.1 million at the EuroMillions this year!

So don’t worry, Spain – even if your World Cup predictions turn out to be false and you don’t take the championship this time, you’ll always be EuroMillion champions in our hearts!