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Luckiest Man in Massachusetts

28 Oct 2014

Man beats the odds to win the same lottery twice, and wins over half a millions dollars!

lottery winner twice

Kenneth Stokes can blame his forgetfulness on becoming a record-breaking lottery winner. Being a season ticket holder to the Massachusetts State Lottery, he is automatically entered into their drawings with pre-set numbers. Having forgotten about this subscription, Stokes bought a second ticket for the same lottery, with the very same numbers, in his hometown of Norwood.

When the lottery representative called him to inform him of his win, he was naturally ecstatic. Though the representative informed him of yet another Norwood winner, it was only when he hung up the phone, did Stokes realize that he was that second winner! The odds of winnings twice in one drawing are an astronomical one in 9.7 trillion!

And just how much did Kenneth Stokes win? The prize is $25,000 a year for up to 20 years, but Stokes chose the one-time cash option, bringing his grand total to a check of $546,000! The two-time lucky winner plans on paying for his son’s college education, and helping his daughter buy a new car. Did you know that at theLotter, you can also subscribe to your favorite lottery, with pre-set numbers of your choosing, guaranteeing you never miss a drawing? Signing up is easy, read all about it here!