Lotto Max $50 Million Jackpot Winner Confirmed but Not Claimed

Lotto Max $50 Million Jackpot Winner Confirmed

10 Sep 2014

A winning Lotto Max ticket worth CAD $50 million is somewhere out there in the general area of Orillia, Canada. The jackpot awaits for the winner to come forward and claim it.

Lotto Max $50 Million Jackpot Won

A single winning ticket for the top Lotto Max jackpot, worth $50 million was purchased in Orillia. However, the winner of the September 5th draw is in no rush to start their new wealthy life. Official spokesperson of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation have confirmed that the ticket was already validated by the winner, but not yet claimed.

Winners can validate their lottery ticket at any store that has a lottery outlet, and can even do so by themselves with a self-checker. No information was disclosed as to whether the winning ticket belongs to an individual or a group of people.

Media relations manager of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation says winners tend to be unexpected when it comes to the how much time passes before that actually claim the money. "It kind of depends on each individual or group in terms of when they are going to come forward and claim their prize." But the ticket owner shouldn't take too long, as they have a year to claim the prize before the ticket expires.

There are several reasons for winners to wait a bit with collecting the prize. When it comes to these sums of money, some caution and planning are needed to secure your way into a care free life. Consulting with a lawyer and a financial adviser are the basics steps required before going to collect.

Another reason for winners to not appear right away is the attempt to keep their identity a secret and their lives as normal as possible. In other cases, winners are too chocked at the beginning and need some time for the information to sink in.

Another jackpot is reaching a peak this week, at a different continent. The lottery world's excitement grows as we near the EuroJackpot’s €60 million draw on Friday. Purchase your ticket today to have a shot at making lotto history!