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Lotteries and Raffles Unite: The France Euromillions Adds “My Million” Raffle

6 Feb 2014

Lotteries around the world are adding raffles to their repertoire, giving their customers bigger and better chances to win prizes. Following in the footsteps of the UK Euromillions lottery, the France Euromillions lottery has recently added a raffle to their bi-weekly draw—and lottery fans can expect the My Million raffle to land at theLotter soon!

UK Raffle and Lottery Euromillions

In honor of its 10th anniversary, the French Euromillions added a €1 million raffle for every draw.

Like its counterpart in the UK, the French Euromillions customers will now be entered automatically to a raffle on the same day as the draw.

You might be familiar with the raffle from such lotteries as the UK Euromillions, UK National Lottery and the Canada 649. Unlike the regular Lotto, a randomly generated alphanumeric code is automatically added to your ticket, one for every line purchased for that draw. From these codes a winner is drawn, and a new millionaire is born even if you don’t match a single lottery number!

The UK Euromillions offers you not only an exceptional 13 division prize break down and an incredible jackpot but also a chance to win a guaranteed prize of £1,000,000 in the raffle – all TAX FREE! To join the ranks of the millionaires purchase your next  now!

Coming soon to Valentine’s Day Super Draw in the France Lotto a massive Jackpot of €14,000,000 to buy you and your lover a lot of chocolate! This will be followed by none other than the EUROMILLIONS SUPER duper draw on March 7th starting off at a jaw-dropping €100,000,000. Stay tuned for incredible offers for these exciting European lottery events!