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Loteria Nacional Extra Lucky For theLotter Players

13 May 2014

It is no secret that the Spanish Loteria Nacional Extra monthly raffles have some of the best winning odds around. The May special raffle was no exception as theLotter raffle fans found out.

Loteria Nactional

The Loteria Nacional Raffle on May 10th, which offered a total of €84 million in prizes, featured a high amount of theLotter winners -an incredible 1 in 2.5 theLotter players won a prize! Of all the shares sold on theLotter, 1 in 1.6 shares was a winning share. These statistics show that theLotter customers are even luckier than those playing in Spain!

The Loteria Nacional Raffle general odds for any prize are about 1 in 3. However, if you play on theLotter those odds are beaten, and more customers win every month! Now is the time to join the list of June’s Special Draw on June 7th winners! With €84 million in prizes up for grabs, and an excellent offer of 10% discount on four or more shares, you don’t want to miss out on this chance to win!


The sorteo extraordinario raffles consist of 100,000 tickets printed with five-digit codes ranging from 00000-99999. The 100,000 tickets are printed in 10 copies and divided into ten shares to create a total of 10 million shares. 100,000 tickets * 10 copies * 10 shares = 10 million shares. In contrast to lotteries where players select their numbers, raffle participants purchase tickets with preselected codes. Depending on availability, players can purchase an entire ticket which contains 10 shares or opt to purchase individual shares.