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Lightning Strikes Twice For EuroMillions Mega Friday Winners

5 Apr 2015

UK couple defeat unbelievable odds to win £1 million pounds twice in two years!

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Simple odds say it can’t be done. Experts claim it’s easier to get hit by lightning or spot Elvis on the street! But for a North Lincolnshire, UK couple, the odds were clearly in their favor, as they won a cool £1 million for the second time in just two years!

David and Kathleen first became lottery winners back in 2013, when they won that same amount in a EuroMillions drawing. Back then, that specific drawing was extra enticing, as it guaranteed that 100 people would win £1 million. Deciding that the chances were good, David bought a ticket and sure enough –they won. Contemplating those same good chances, the couple saw their opportunity to strike it rich once again, as there were 10 spots open for that guaranteed £1 million prize.

Checking their numbers Saturday morning after the draw, David noticed that he had matched two numbers and a star on one of his lines, netting him £7.20. “Then I checked the raffle codes – something I’ve learnt to do automatically since winning last time”, he was quoted as saying. Taking a few moments to realize he had once again become a lottery winner, he alerted his wife Kath, a retired barkeep, to come and check the numbers once again. Taking a more careful look, she looked back at her husband and simply said ‘You said you’d do it again, and you have!’ And as if that weren’t enough, the couple also won a top-of-the-line Jaguar, as part of the Mega Friday’s additional guaranteed prize.

As you can imagine, not only the couple, but the whole country is rejoicing in the win alongside with them. According to experts the odds of winning twice are an astonishing 283 billion-to-one. Asked how they will spend this round, Mr. Long remarked how he had plans for a cruise, a luxury camper van, and season tickets for Liverpool FC.

This month’s EuroMillions Mega Friday drawing will take place on April 24th. The drawing will not only turn 10 lucky ticket holders into millionaires, but will ALSO include a once-in-a-lifetime yacht cruise. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss, make sure to get your EuroMillions tickets here !