Irish EuroMillions Winner to Give Away her Fortune

Irish EuroMillions Winner to Give Away her Fortune

06 Aug 2014

A Northern Ireland woman who won £27 million last year is giving away £26 million of it to her home town.

northern ireland euromillions jackpot margaret loughrey

Margaret Loughrey is a reluctant EuroMillions jackpot winner. After discovering she had won £27 million in a EuroMillions UK lotto draw back on November 26th, 2013, she vowed to give all but one million away to various charities and organizations in and around her home town of Strabane, Northern Ireland. At the time of her win, she was living on benefits, receiving a mere £58 a week. “I know what it’s like to have nothing. That’s why I’m giving it away – I can’t miss what I never had”, explains this gutsy and selfless lottery winner. Margaret won with a Luck Dip ticket and the numbers 19, 23, 27, 42 and 44, and Lucky Star numbers 3 and 5.

Future Plans

With already £13.5 million given away, Margaret has big plans for the rest of her money and has already set in motion many avenues in which to donate her wins. She currently is the director of nine different companies, all benefiting Strabane in environmental and cultural causes.

Loughrey’s next biggest purchase was the £1 million Herman’s Hill estate in Sion Mills, just outside Strabane. She has plans to develop this neglected estate into a leisure and tourist destination, creating both jobs for the community and a main tourist attraction for the area, generating substantial revenue for the local county. The plans for this estate include building a museum, bowling alley, and even its own football pitch!

Living on minimum wage for most of her life, Margaret knows just how hard it is to get by, and hasn’t forgotten the hardships she faced in the past. And that is why she is determined to make life better for her community by giving away her fortune for the greater good. Kudos to Margaret and her kindness! Paying it forward has never been easier, with the donation program at theLotter, where you can choose to give a portion of your winnings to worthy causes like Habitat for Humanity and Save the Children. Read more about this program, on our site!