‘Hot Lotto’ Millionaire in a Cold Situation

‘Hot Lotto’ Millionaire in a Cold Situation

14 Nov 2014

The biggest Hot Lotto winner from Minnesota is not yet ready to quite his day job. When it's cold and snowy outside, trusty snow plows are high on demand, and this lottery winner will not fail his customers.

Hot Lotto Millionaire Still Works a Snow Plow

Joe Meath and his wife Rhonda became just joined the Minnesota millionaires’ club this September, when they won the biggest lotto prize the state has seen - $11.7 million! But before the couple could take a much needed getaway, Joe had already made some plans for the winter.

Just before the win, Jo purchased a used truck with snow shoveling purpose in mind. He then came to agreement with several customers near his home, and promised to keep their driveways and parking lots snow-free this winter.

Minnesota is no stranger to snow, and sure enough it came. While you might think Joe would be busy with piles of money, currently he is occupied with piles of snow. But since the $11.7 million winners don't really lack in income, most of Joe's clients are not paying a dime for his services. How generous!

To join the lucky Minnesota couple in the millionaires’' club (but not the snow-plowing club), all you have to do is buy Powerball tickets online, and a $50 Million jackpot could be yours this weekend!