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High Five! Win La Primitiva's €55.5 Million Jackpot Today

16 Jul 2015

Do you want to win €55.5 million tonight? Well give us a high-five, because we have just the thing for you. Play La Primitiva today and you could win €55.5 million tonight. Don't delay – the clock is ticking!

What's the best way to play La Primitiva?

Play La Primitiva

There is no wrong way to play La Primitiva, but there are plenty of right ways for you to choose from – standard personal entries, syndicates, and bundles. With a personal entry, you pick your lucky numbers or get automated numbers, called a quick pick. If you win a cash prize, the money is entirely yours.

If you prefer to make lottery playing more like a social activity or sport, why not give syndicates a go? A syndicate is a group of lottery players that buy tickets together and divides any winnings via shares. By joining a syndicate, you get access to way more tickets than you'd be able to get on your own, which increases the odds of winning a cash prize. Join theLotter's La Primitiva 84-line syndicate with systematic x9 numbers – this means that the syndicate lines consist of all possible combinations of a randomly selected set of numbers.

To get the best of both worlds, bundle yourself up! With a La Primitiva bundle, you get the increased odds of a syndicate share which could net you up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, along with one personal entry to keep alive the majestic dream of taking millions home all on your own.

To each his/her own when it comes to lottery play. Personal entry, syndicate or bundle – choose whichever works best for you, because the only way to win is to play today!