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G'day Mate! theLotter's Apple Watch Goes Down Under!

07 May 2015

Our exclusive multi-draw-themed April Lottery Raffle was GIGANTEAN! Thousands upon thousands of online lottery fans took part and… we have a winner!

The winner of our online lottery raffle for the month of April is legal talent Paul S. from the breathtaking Australian coastal city of Sydney!

Paul is an Australian lawyer and long-time lottery fanatic. He has been playing Australian lotteries online and offline for over 20 years.

One of our VIP Managers rang Paul to congratulate him, and he had the following to say:

Online Lottery Raffle Winner Quote

Congratulations on your new Apple Watch, Paul! What brought you to theLotter?

I love the local Australian lotteries, which are the best in the world, but theLotter provides easy and safe access to the great US and European lotteries with huge jackpots and interesting prize structures. I particularly like theLotter's 20% discount for Diamond VIPs - very nice for committed players like me when playing overseas lotteries. The scanned tickets are essential – I cut them out and stick them on my fridge!

Was there a big lottery draw which appealed to you especially?

I like the big American draws (Powerball and Mega Millions) and Euro Millions for the big prizes, but I also have some sentimental favourites like California SuperLotto because I have visited California a number of times. I also like the Spanish Raffles for a change of pace.

What are your favourite lotteries and why?

Online Lottery Raffle

I like my local Aussie lotteries the best, and our cousin lottery in New Zealand. These lotteries have low ticket prices, good odds, and big prizes. I still play Australian and Kiwi lotteries online through theLotter because the entry forms and reporting tools make theLotter's service much more convenient than when you're getting tickets at the local newsagent.

What is your lotto strategy?

I have some favourite numbers which correspond to dates of personal significance, and sometimes I wheel numbers around to maximize small prizes, but at the end of the day it's luck and that's the fun of a lottery: small entry price, huge odds against you, but a massive reward if you are lucky.

Do you have any tips for online lottery players?

Have an affordable "luck" budget and stick to it. Use the same numbers when you can. If you win, buy gold bullion. Even if you don’t win, buy some gold anyway.

We'll update you when the Apple Watch has arrived in New South Wales! Unfortunately, it won't be gold, Paul (those Apple Watches were unfortunately reserved for celebs such as Beyoncé)!

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Great food, unspoilt sandy shores, artisanal sausages and plenty of liquor for you and a friend.

Can you guess the prize yet? No? Well, just keep Playing it Global to stand a chance and allow us to overwhelm you, because every purchase you make during the month of May will count in this exciting raffle draw!

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