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French Player Wins Third Prize in Canada Lotto at theLotter

3 Apr 2013

A lucky player from France has won a €2,053 prize by playing the Canada Lotto 649 on theLotter! Players around the world have been playing this Canadian Lottery in hopes of winning the CAD $30 million jackpot.

By playing it globally, B.A. has won a secondary prize from a Canadian Lottery without having to leave the comfort of his home country. A resident of Montlucon, France, B.A. has been a frequent player at theLotter, where he has tried his luck at lotteries beyond his borders. As a VIP Gold member, B.A. enjoyed a special discount on his one-time entry, saved big, and won €2,053!

This big win marks B.A.’s 6th win with theLotter and his second entry in Canada Lotto 649. The winning numbers for the March 30th draw were 26, 30, 34, 35, 38, 41, and Bonus Ball 48. Check the Canada Lotto 649 numbers here. His commitment to North American lotteries has brought B.A. good fortune, winning small prizes by participating in Powerball, Mega Millions, and Oregon Megabucks draws. From France to Canada, B.A. has played his way to thousands in North American winnings!

Canada Lotto 649 is a fan favourite, known for its record jackpots and easy-to-play format. The lottery’s CAD $30 million jackpot has catapulted the Canada Lotto to a #6 spot on theBig and #6 spot on theSmart- a sign that the lotto is firmly footed in the best of both worlds!

The lottery was the first nationwide Canadian lottery game to give players the option of selecting their own numbers as opposed to a raffle or sweepstakes. Players guess six numbers out of 49 to win the top prize. For the six secondary prize categories, the lottery offers another number called the Bonus Ball. Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday.

The largest jackpot ever won in this lottery was on October 26, 2005: a total of CAD $54.3 million! The next huge Canadian Lotto 649 jackpot win was in 2007, where one woman won CAD $11 million. The same lucky winner found her luck again just four years later when she won the jackpot for a second time in 2011! For more information on Canada Lotto 649, click here.